I want to fly abroad and don't care where. How to find the cheapest tickets?
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I want to take the cheapest possible international flights, and I don't care where I'm going. Where best to find tickets for whatever routes happen to be the least expensive at the moment?

It's my rule to go somewhere out of my country of residence on my birthday every year. (I live in the States right now.) Because I haven't seen most of the world yet, the aim is simply to go somewhere foreign every time, and thus the only real priority is cost. So I'm always on the lookout for international flights to wherever, as long as they're cheap. Travel-savvy MeFites: where do you look for these sorts of deals?
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Best answer: http://www.kayak.com/explore
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Kayak.com has a Google Mashup for that.

Looks like your best options might be Puerto Rico (230$) and Bermuda (260$).
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Kayak's explore is pretty awesome.
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Wow, beaten to it.
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Response by poster: This we can say so far: the MeFites love their Kayak.
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Oh my god. I think this may have just changed my life. Thanks!

Mr. Shotty is going to be pissed when he finds out I've used up all our savings on trips but oh well.
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there is also travel zoo, which you can also use to find travel packages
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Kayak Buzz is another interface to the same data.
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Check out the Flyertalk Mileage Run Deals forum, though some flights there are posted because of their Elite Qualifying Miles value rather than their absolute dollar value.
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I use the aforementioned Kayak Buzz to get to the primary destination and then use skyscanner.com to check flights within that continent. Example: set Kayak Buzz for "September" and check cheapest flights by continent, I see I can go to Dublin for $525 round trip from September 20th-27th, then go to Skyscanner and check flights leaving Dublin to anywhere, one way, on the 21st, I can fly to Paris Beauvais for $17, two days later I can fly from Paris to Porto, Portugal for $17, and so on.
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Just got back from Mexico City a week ago, cheap flights ($370 right now), cheap food, cheap booze, cheap hotels.
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Kayak explore is great! I use sidestep or Airfarewatchdog for updates on changes
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