Dreams and Nightmares Costume Ideas
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I need costume ideas for the theme "dreams and nightmares"!

So I have a party with the theme "dreams and nightmares" next week, and despite the theme being quite broad giving me license to do a lot of stuff, I'm kind of at a loss!

Personally, I don't have any imaginative dreams or nightmares, although I'm leaning towards dressing up as something nightmare-y. Also! I think I want to do something out of pop culture. Some people suggested going as Freddy Krueger, but I don't really want to wear a mask (which eliminates basically all other slashers...). Then, I thought Jack Skellington, but again, I'd have to wear a mask. Something Burton-y would be fun, I just don't know what.

But yeah, the theme is rather broad, so suggest away! Preferably, but not necessarily, something out of TV/movies. Any hints on what to wear/where to get it, are welcome, also.

P. S. I'm male.
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Neil Gaiman's Sandman.
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Dress yourself in a bathrobe and a mortarboard. You are an anxiety dream and you just overslept graduation.
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In the same vein as the graduation dream, dress in underwear or pajamas and carry around either a final exam or a speech you are about to give.
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Zombie Smurf. Once you've made a hat & 'nappy', it's just blue body suit (or leggings) and blue body paint, roughed up with zombie make-up.
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If you're daring you could show up in your underwear. Lots of people have nightmares that they show up somewhere (school or work) naked or under dressed.

When I was little I used to have a recurring nightmare about a melodrama villain. The kind with a top hat, cape and skinny, curly handlebar mustache. I also used to have nightmares about Nazis.

Or you could go as a clown and freak lots of people out. In my dreams normal things sometimes get warped and become scary. I recently dreamed about a giant guinea pig with legs like a deer. It was seriously creepy. Maybe you could mesh two opposite things. Go for the clown make-up but wear a tuxedo or a business suit.
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Wear your ordinary clothes, but add a pair of wings, be the dream where you can fly.

Get some of that black wax, cover up several of your teeth, be the dream where all your teeth are falling out.
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Dress as an old hag and tell people you are Sleep Paralysis.
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Also, how about dressing up as Salvador Dali?
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Dress as REM sleep... a big black sack (like a reverse ghost costume) to represent unconsciousness, with pipe cleaner (or fabric piping) hot-glued all over to represent REM-sleep EEG waves.
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Well, I'm sure a lot of other people will be wearing Nightmare Before Christmas stuff and Freddy Krueger.

Nightmare (Marvel Comics)
The Spirit (Denny Colt)
Harry Pottter - Voldemort, Slytherin, Lucius
(evil) Mad Hatter
Wizard of Oz character

grim reaper, zombie, vampire, evil clown
something like this

Not really dreams/nightmares... but COULD be if you easily made up a reason (they were in my dreams") why they are: Edward Scissorhands, BeetleJuice, Sweeny Todd
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Two-face from Batman
Somehow put buttons on your eyes and go as a character from Coraline
- you could get a pair of glasses and glue the buttons on them, just a suggestion.
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I have had my share of dentist nightmares. So…a dentist?
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If you're daring you could show up in your underwear.

On a similarly brave tip, dress as Beyonce in the video for Sweet Dreams/Beautiful Nightmare.
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Wear a Leonado DiCaprio mask and constantly fiddle with a small spinning top?
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Crumbling teeth is a very common nightmare.
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How about something/someone from Super Mario Bros. 2? Shyguy, or Birdo, or Mario with a vegetable?

If you have a friend going, the two of you could be Hall and Oates from the You Make My Dreams Come True video. (Keyboard Cat optional.)
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Put weird character stickers over the buttons on your phone.
Take the door off the bathroom and fill the toilet all the way up to the top...
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Stick a few small white feathers near the corner of your mouth with eyelash adhesive.

(You dreamt you ate a giant marshmallow, and when you woke up, your pillow was gone.)
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I've decided today that I'm going a a never-nude.
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As a, I mean. But you knew that.
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Can you dress up as Falling?
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With the right coat, hat, and bandanna, you could go as the cowboy from Mulholland Drive.
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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I'm not brave enough to do some of them. I marked my favourites as best.
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