HDMI CEC in the real world
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HDMI CEC in the real world: I've got a new Samsung LED TV, which has got a number of DVD-like control buttons on the remote (play, pause, rewind etc). I'd like to use these to control a Blu-ray player when I buy one, but can I buy any (recent) player and be confident that the TV and player will work together (via HDMI Consumer Electronics Control) as advertised? Do they all play nice together in practice?
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I've had good luck with mine, but the BR player is Samsung brand.
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Best answer: From this:

Will it work between brands (will a Sony HTiB work with a Samsung LCD TV)?

Yes, the specification allows for universal compatibility with all manufacturers who implement the protocol. Some manufacturers, Panasonic for instance, add additional functionality including an onscreen interface and support for digital camcorders and media cards. Samsung and Toshiba specifically told Dealerscope that their use of HDMI-CEC will work with other brands. Other manufacturers said that generally it’s compatible but they can’t guarantee full functionality outside of their brand.

So it looks like if the BD Player is CEC compatible, the answer is "It should"
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As an alternative suggestion, I cannot say enough good things about my Logitech 880 Harmony remote.

You connect it to your computer, run the software, enter the model numbers of your devices, and it programs the remote for you.

If you have a TV, cable box, home theater, and other devices, it's a godsend. One button will automatically switch all inputs on all devices to perform the function you want (watch movie, play games, watch cable, etc.)

They can be spendy depending on which model you buy, but since spending $125 three years ago, Mrs. Fleebnork and I haven't had a single argument about how to correctly change inputs to use the home theater with the DVD player and so on and so forth.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your suggestions.

The remote idea is up for consideration. It's the same reasons that you sketch out, Fleebnork...
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In my own experience, even owning all of the same brand equipment didn't iron out those problems, especially when you have to deal with a cable/satellite convertor box.

The Logitech was the only universal remote that I've bought that has handled everything elegantly and smoothly. To use an electronics cliche, "It just works."
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My Samsung TV remote properly controls the volume of my Onkyo receiver, over HDMI, which I consider fairly miraculous. It even shows the new volume setting on the TV OSD if you change it with the receiver remote.
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