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I saw a great unsigned print tonight, and am really curious to know who the original artist was. The print was roughly 4'x3', with a dark seductive background. Two women were seated at a table, one was staring toward the viewer at a candelabra, the other was leaning away from the viewer, over the table, provocatively, drinking from a glass of wine.

The style reminded both my wife and I of Jack Vettriano, but Googling for both his prints and/or search terms describing the painting have yielded nothing. The waiter had no idea who had done it, but mentioned that it was definitely a print. Most of the rest of the art at the restaurant was original, so the painting may be more famous. Also, he thought the artist may be from somewhere in Louisiana, which would make sense as it was a southern bistro (the restaurant in question is Acadia in Portland, Oregon if it helps...). Thanks!
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That's where a camphone comes in handy!
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One well-known Louisiana painter is George Rodrigue, unfortunately most famous for his ubiquitous "Blue Dog" series. His other work commonly features primitive portraits against dark bayou backgrounds with Cajun subjects in "self-aware", posed positions facing the viewer. Outdoor table settings are a fairly recurrent theme with him. (see also the bottom of this page. The stupid blue dog, though, seems to have taken up most of the George Rodrique internets.)
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^ Please ignore. Sorry, I had a brain fart and totally missed the Jack Vettriano mention. Totally not the same style. Oop.
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I saw a series of such prints in a gallery in Germany. No clue who, but sure know where, as it was down the street from my apartment. I think I know exactly which you're speaking of. It had the atmosphere of being after the party, late at night, the women were having some deep and personal conversation. (at least that's my interpretation). I saw it in the company of others that looked to me to be the same artist. For example, very posh/preppie looking young adults dancing on a beach in evening clothes.
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are you able to get back to the restaurant and grab a shot of the print? That would help, somewhat..
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Response by poster: I would have snapped a camera phone pic, but the restaurant is really dark, as is the majority of the painting, so with my phone at least you'd get a fuzzy dark blob. It's right next to the window, I'll see if I can swing by during the day and snap a pic.

Goofyy, that sounds like it might be the painting, they're definitely engrossed in a conversation, and we're seeing a (significant?) pause. They're both youngish, the woman facing the viewer is lighter skinned, the woman leaning over the table is darker skinned. Do you know the name of the gallery? I might be able to get further from their website...
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Did it appear to be a modern painting? Milt Kobayashi is a modern commercially successful artist, somewhat Vettriano-esque, and likes painting dejected women sitting with glasses of wine (kinda reminiscent of Degas' "Absinthe.") That's about all that springs to mind - a picture would have been great.
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fire&wings: Not the same style I saw. The one I saw was more realistic.

togdon: Ah, I am clueless about the name, and I'd be surprised if they had a website, it was a small shop on a small street (Liesegang Strasse, Duesseldorf). Ah, but wait, I have photos of that corner (and all the corners in the middle of the city). Now I think of it, maybe even a threw-the-window photo of the prints.

Sadly, can't make out the store name, but its the corner of Liesegangstrasse and Wagner, city center, Duesseldorf. If I took a photo of the art, its buried somewhere in a vast collection, and won't turn up under the street name (which means it never got renamed properly).

Wish I could be more help, I liked that painting myself :-)
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Response by poster: The one I saw was more realistic as well. I'll try to make it there to take a picture, or call them some time during the week with the hopes that someone who knows more about the painting answers. It's driving me batty... :)
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Best answer: Final update from the asker:
I ended up having a fellow MeFi person flickrmail me years later and we figured out that the painting was "Sunday, Eleven o'clock PM" by Ramón Lombarte.

It was particularly amusing because she found the thread via Google and had posted a picture of it later on Flickr. I'd never gotten an answer to it originally and TinEye didn't exist when either of us were wondering about it. Time heals all visual quandaries, or something.
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