Viking movies!
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Are there any good Viking movies? Total cheese OK.
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The Vikings, with Kirk Douglas, Tony Curtis and the eternally great Ernest Borgnine is pretty great. It's sort of ground zero for Viking movies, so far as I'm concerned. There's a nice-looking, cheap MGM DVD of it.
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The Vikings:
Viking half-brothers [Kirk] Douglas and [Tony] Curtis fight it out for the throne of Northumbria. Plenty of pillaging, axe-throwing, hearty quaffing of ale, storming of castles, heroic jumping into wolf pits, and manly talk about the glories of entering Valhalla with sword in hand.
Plus, there's a castle at one end of England, and the Vikings cut down a giant tree at the other end of England to use as a battering ram, and they carry it the length of England. Oh, and Tony Curtis gets his hand bitten of when they throw him to the wolves. And Ernest Borgnine plays Kirk Douglas's father.

There's also The 13th Warrior and The Long Ships.
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On the lighter side, there's Erik the Viking.
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It's probably hard to find, but Killian's Chronicle is a Viking movie of sorts (well... Vikings and Native Americans). A film teacher of mine directed it shortly after I was in her class. I had done all sorts of research on authentic clothing and boats... very clever of her to assign us her preproduction as homework.
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IMDB keyword search might pull up something special. Who knows?
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The Mystery Science Theater crew (with my pal Mike as grip!) did "Viking Women vs. the Sea Serpent." It's less Vikingy than campy, but you'll laugh till your sides ache.
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My nephew repeatedly returns to The Littlest Viking, but that's geared toward juveniles, obviously. The Viking kid in it reminds me of the mute wolf-boy in The Road Warrior.
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Perhaps also worth throwing out there if you like 13th Warrior, is the fact that it is a poor man’s Seven Samurai. I’ve never read the novel/novella Eaters of the Dead that The 13th Warrior was based on, but the film couldn't have tried harder if they had one of the Vikings carry around a No Dachi and give an all knowing wink to the camera. Peace.
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Coming soon.

Aside: The sources for 13th Warrior are more this and this than Seven Samurai. But I won't deny there's more than a whiff of that, too.
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I tried looking for movies with/about Thor, but couldn't find anything worth mentioning.

Aside: (and sorry for taking this off topic argybarg) Totally agree with you bricoleur. I was referring more to the characters, the series of events that take place, and structure in both, than the overall story origin. Another example of this are the films Broken Vessels and Bringing out the Dead... although it’s quite debatable which one you would want to
call "poor." Peace.
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There's The Day The Earth Froze, based on the Kalevala (the Finnish national epic) and parodied on MST3K.
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Maybe this comes under your definition of "cheese", but I feel I must warn you, The Vikings is a truly dreadful movie, Hollywood schlock of the deepest retread. Imagine a 70-year-old spinster placed in charge of a 12-year-old boy, flailing about trying to guess what he might consider "fun", falling back on the cheesiest standbys in sheer desperation. (All right, we have come to cheese.) Now you can picture this writer and director's idea of what constitutes "entertainment". Life's too short!
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Best answer: Hrafn Gunnlaugsson's "When the Raven Flies" (sometimes Revenge of the Barbarians) and "Shadow of the Raven" are the most amazing viking films ever made. Very hard-boiled stuff with a lot of Sergio Leone feel to them. The dialogue is terse "Heavy knife!" "Grunt!" That sort of stuff. Lots of revenge drama, blood, and grim bleakness. They put films like the 13th Warrior to shame.
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Here's one movie that has a "Thor" in it - Adventures in Babysitting.

Please, forgive me.
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Beowulf & Grendel preview. The tagline: Heads will Roll (you asked for cheesy).
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Another vote for Shadow of the Raven. One of my all time favorite bits of film dialogue:

"Forgive me"

"I will forgive you... when you are dead!"

I cannot for the life of me figure out why this great film remains unavailable on DVD.
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Just to add my 2 cents, the Viking Sagas is one of my personal favourites. Nice Icelandic scenery, a sex scene in a natural hot spring (steamy!). It's loosely based on some actual viking sagas, which makes it fun if you know the references.
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Also, Alfred the Great has some good viking action in it. Marvel as England's greatest king wins back the Danelaw!
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The Vikings is so bad, it is funny.

My all time favourite Viking flick is Utlangin (The Outlaw), an Icelandic film based on Gisli's Saga. It is very accurate. I have trouble telling the men apart, but a friend of mine swears that beard length is the key.
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For the ultimate in Viking cheese (better even than The Vikings), there is a Veggie Tales Viking thingie. It is hideously inaccurate and has a most annoying theme song. You'll be singing it for days.
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Hrafn also made The White Viking, which isn't as good as the Raven films, but certainly better than The 13th Warrior.
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