What are your favorite LGBTQ YouTube accounts and blogs?
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What are your favorite YouTube accounts and blogs by members of the LGBTQ and kink community?

One example is Grishno, as mentioned by shinybaum in this thread. I am especially interested in people who don't have a gender, or other such "nontraditional" perspectives.
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Response by poster: Oh also, I'm not looking for newsy blogs such as Feministing, but rather personal accounts by one or two people mostly about their own experiences.
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I love The Skorpion Show.
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she's not gender-less, but she is transexual and unabashedly supportive of things like facial feminization surgery. i find her perspective on just about everything to be nontraditional. also, she's hilarious.

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Dan Savage is fantastic.
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ZJemptv is usually quite good.
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Oh My God, That Britni's Shameless

Bi, unabashedly feminist, and blogs her reviews of sex toys/porn as well as her sexual encounters, along with really intelligent criticisms of rape culture.

Stuff Crazy People Like

Mallory is a friend of mine, and blogs about mental illness primarily, but also about LGBTQ issues. Her posts are somewhat random but always smart.
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Also Kate Bornstein's blog (she is on twitter, if you swing that way)

I'll think of a few more.
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I'm a fan of Greta Christina's blog which mixes atheism/religion related stuff with feminism, sexual and gender politics, musings on porn and Greta's own kinks etc. She describes herself as about 90% gay, 10% straight (if I remember correctly). She writes well and often has an interesting slant on things.
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Back in Blakk is a blog/video blog of a butch->ftm person named Lukas Blakk. Very interesting.

Video about injecting testosterone
PSA about the bathroom and trans folks
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