What movie is this?
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What's this American movie? I only remember one scene - two guys, holding a third guy in between them (by his legs and arms); they bust in a door, run down a hallway yelling then dump the third guy into a bathtub full of shit. Aired on Australian TV as the Sunday night movie, c1985.

It aired probably at least two years after US theatrical release, and I've never come across it since (and I watch a lot of movies). I turned on the TV after getting home from church one Sunday and this movie was on, my dad turned it off immediately after this scene and I've not heard hide nor hair of it since. It has always stuck with me, as the guy being tipped into a bathtub full of shit prompted a quite visceral reaction but I didn't know what the movie was called.

Any suggestions?
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Pretty sure that's from Midnight Express.
posted by iconomy at 5:31 PM on August 10, 2010

Google Books also cites the film Beyond the Limit as having "a bathtub full of shit that they submerge prisoners in".
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Response by poster: I don't think it's Midnight Express, as I've seen that film as an adult and would have remembered the scene (it's so vivid in my mind). I'll definitely check out Beyond the Limit (The Honorary Consul) tomorrow though (although I've read the Greene story and don't remember this scene, it could have been an add on for the film), and the age fits - thanks iconomy.
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Hmmm yeah it's probably Beyond the Limit, but it's weird that I immediately thought of Midnight Express, and these two commenters on the forum there possibly remember it too, and think it's a deleted scene. I'll see if I can find out the poop on Beyond the Limit ;)
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Response by poster: Eww, but thanks! I'm sorry this is so gross.
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Wasn't there a scene reminiscent of this in Missing, which came out in 1982? Been a long time since I've seen it, though.
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