So I've learned how to make chainmaille.... uh, now what?
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So I've learned how to make chainmaille.... uh, now what?

Following a chainmaille course I have developed the ability to make chainmaille jewelry etc but I don't know what to do with my new found skill. I really enjoy doing it, have a fairly natural ability with it, but it can get expensive quickly.

Any suggestions for what to do with this skill, apart from making loads of stuff and just giving it to friends?
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Make friends with re-enactors who don't have time to make your own? You could be set up in mead for life!
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Sell it on Etsy?

P.S. that is awesome. I tried to teach myself how to do chainmaille jewelry from a book and failed miserably.
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i met a convenience store clerk once who made bikini briefs out of the stuff ( i think for male strippers) - as i remember he was getting 'good money' for them...
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Gen Con, Comic Con or the multiple like gatherings, Ren Fests or sites. Probably could make a good buck there.
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I have a good friend who made a jig for chain-mailleing in highschool, as he was huge into the SCA at the time. True story, he used to make ENTIRE SUITS of it, custom fitted, for anyone who wanted one.

Basically, he just made himself one, took it to gatherings and whatnot, and let it be known that you could have one too. He made himself a fresh mint in highschool, although I can't imagine how much time goes into making a full suit of maille.

(He made enough with it that it was how he sponsored his first couple years in Korea after high-school.)
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Now your duty is to travel to Los Angeles and sell your skills for money trying to get it to the silver screen. Oh, I also want to share this (slightly not safe for work) link that was the second hit when searching for chainmail. ^.^

Well, that was in jest, here are some real ideas that comes to mind:
• Combine fine chainmailles it with leather-works and make some superb butcher's gloves or without any leather at all and make scuba gloves.
• Sell your craft on eBay and *cons.
• Learn and develop new patterns.
• Make heat protector pads for your table.
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I knew a guy several years ago who made a chain mail dress. He found a local boutique that sold trendy club clothes and struck a consignment deal with the owner. It sold for a ridiculous markup.
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I don't think there's anything wrong with having a hobby that's just a hobby. As others have said, you could always try to make a little more to support said hobby by selling on etsy or via Ren Faires, SCA events, and the like. But I don't think you should worry that you now have this skill and you must find something lucrative/"useful" to do with it.

I think "what do you plan to do with [skill]?" is my least favorite question in the English language.
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Maybe ask Chainmail Girl.
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There is a whole chain maille team on Etsy. Check out some of their stuff and start experimenting. Have fun!
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1. Advertise to make custom made vests/shirts for gay men* into leather/kink who often pay top dollar for this.
2. Make said shirts.
3. Profit.

* - Or anyone else; I can only speak to my own experience.
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My brother made a full vest. That cured him of any desire to twist rings with pliers ever again.

Before that, he did make me a very cool chain pull, that I use as a light pull in my closet. A bit more of a general use item than jewelry, that probably doesn't cost much in rings but that you could sell for a decent price.
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