What is this contraption in a park?
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What is this thing? I saw it in a park in Lake County, Indiana, a few yards away from a small lake. There was another one a few yards away. I thought it might have to do with some sort of game, or maybe fishing (but there was another one a fair distance away from the lake.) It does not rotate. It's about five feet tall. Thanks.
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Best answer: Frisbee Golf
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Best answer: Also called disk golf.
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Response by poster: Tell me somethin'. Thanks.
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Yeah its the "chains" for disc golf, the equivalent of a hole in regular golf. My guess is Lemon Lake County Park - Blue. Not sure if that's the right park or not. Disc golf, is a relatively inexpensive sport and pretty laid back and relaxing game to play. If your from the area and want to get more involved here is the local disc golf club and most disc golfers are eager to teach new players and grow the sport. If you have any other questions feel free to message or email me.
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Lilkeith, that park says it's in Crown Point, and Crown Point is in Jasper County, not Lake. Unless Massysett was really in Jasper County.

Hi neighbor!
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There is a frisbee disc course in NE Indianapolis at Sahm golf course also. It is next to the driving range.
I've had to answer the same question about "what are those things" when we drive by.
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Not only is Crown Point in Lake County, it's the county seat. The course is very much the one at Lemon Lake, for any other locals interested in playing.
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Gah! I even Googled to see what county Crown Point was in! Google, you have failed me!
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