Ideas for attaching a wrist-strap to my HTC EVO?
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Ideas for attaching a wrist-strap to my HTC EVO?

In a perfect world, my EVO would have a strong little hole that I could thread a wrist strap through so that when I drop it (and I will) there would be no crash or splash. Unfortunately the EVO has no strong little hole and none of the cases I can find come with a wrist strap you can use while using the phone except one ugly leather one.

Is there a minimalist case that offers an appropriate strong little hole? Can anybody brainstorm a way to securely improvise a solution?
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Do you have a Dremel, a tiny, tiny drill bit, and steady hands?

If you do, maybe sign up for the e-mail notice for when Otterbox launches their EVO case, and see if that one might be a candidate for a little modification.

A friend has their Commute case for his BlackBerry and really likes it. It's a rubber skin with a removable hard plastic outer shell (I know that sounds terribly bulky but it's not). Depending on where the plastic is and isn't, I could see a small hole working for a wrist strap's attachment string, with the rubber underneath having enough give for the string to fit underneath the hard shell.

Just a thought - since that case isn't on the market yet, it might not work; and even then, it may not be minimalist enough for your tastes.
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Best answer: It might be a little low tech, but you could get one of those very small key rings (like the 1/4th inch one they put on Swiss-army knives) and attach it with a thin strip of electric tape wrapped two or three times to the little fold-out stand on the back of the phone (I'd put it closest to the where the stand attaches to the body of the phone for the strength). And then put your lanyard through that.

It's not perfect, but it would give you something to put around your wrist, and keep the phone from dropping.
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Best answer: Someone gave me a Mobigrip, a "Device Leash" that might be what you are looking for. I'll probably never use it. MeMail me if you'd like me to send it to you.
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Response by poster: Mobigrip: genius! Thanks.
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