Help me find "meta" capabilities for my primitive wiki?
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Help a non-programmer with some meta-wiki capabilities. How can I easily create a map/list of all pages on a wiki? How can I generate stats analysis on stuff like backlinking, etc? And how can I export the entire wiki to one offline file in a way that does a reasonable job of preserving the format? (specifics follow...)

My development team uses SourceForge on their development platform. I am developing knowledge management assets for the development team using SourceForge's Wiki.

It's a pretty basic wiki so it doesn't provide the kinds of features that allow you to manage and refactor the content -- usage stats, dead links, backlinks, etc. It doesn't even provide a list of all of the pages, much less a wiki map. Apparently the sfwiki development project on SourceForge has been defunct for some time now.

Also, my KM strategy is to develop assets as close as possible to where the work is being done (hence why I am stuck with sfwiki) Essentially I want to have a live version on the wiki where it will be handy to my audience and shoot off copies for the occasions when management wants to review the latest information. So I need to be able to export the wiki contents to a single document like .doc or .pdf.

One of my hats used to be programming, but at this gig I am KM so I have no development access to anything. Can you help me find this capability out there?
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Several years ago Sourceforge switched over to MediaWiki as their supported hosted app for project wikis, which should have all the features you need, including the ability to get backup dumps of hosted app data. You might try contacting support and figuring out how to export the sfwiki contents into MediaWiki.
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Oh, wait, you mean they use a self-hosted Sourceforge instance? In that case it's a little more complicated. I would first look into upgrading whatever version of Sourceforge they run. Alternatively, they have a link to their modified version of MediaWiki that they use on proper, so you might be able to install that on your instance and get off of sfwiki.
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Response by poster: Interesting idea, but in my organization the horse is in midstream. Switching wikis is a preferable long term idea I will pitch, but it won't help me in the near term. What could I do in the interim?
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I'm pretty familiar with MediaWiki only, I'm afraid.

It seems like you'd be reinventing the wheel if you wanted to build these tools for another platform rather than migrating.
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