Spanish and Dutch snack suggestions?
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My friends and I are having a World Cup viewing party for the final on Sunday, and we're looking for suggestions for Spanish and Dutch food to cook and then enjoy during the game.

Snack-type foods would be best since we're watching in the US and the game will be on around 2:30pm. Any suggestions for simple Spanish or Dutch recipes? Thank you!
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Dutch cheeses and apple tarts. And Dutch beer, of course!
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Best answer: When you are watching the Dutch team play (Nederlands elftal) you eat an Oranje (orange)tompoes. Here a recipe for tompoezen: tompouce
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If you've got a fryer, and can get some bitterballen that would be awesome. I've seen them in some places in the US but they're not commonly available.
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Since you're in the United States and its unlikely you'll be able to find real Dutch food (Cheese and Beet aside, of course) why not try Kroket?

Mrs Mutant is Dutch, and assures me that fish sticks could substitute for kroketten in a pinch, but this would help with your desire for finger food.

Of course these are best if you can get them from Febo but that might have to wait until you're next in Amsterdam.

Eet Smakelijk !
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Oh yeh think ORANGE! That bloody octopus can't be right all the time!!
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Best answer: For Spain:




For dessert: Crema Catalana
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Mutant, Mani the psychic parakeet disagrees with Paul.
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Yep the octopus is yesterdays news. All now follow Mani the Parakeet.
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2nding Stamppot -- good stuff!
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Stamppot is really Dutch and great in winter but not really a party dish.
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How about some Indonesian food? Holland has some of the best outside of Indonesia.

Consider a small rijsttafel ("rice table") with a focus on offerings such as lumpia (spring rolls), perkedel (meat and potato patties), daging semur (stir-fried beef), lemper (sticky rice rolls with chicken), etc.
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Best answer: Don't forget great Dutch cheeses: Gouda, Edam, and Leyden.

Serve Heineken and Grolsch beer.

Also, french fries (“Patatje Met” or “Frietje Met”) served in paper cones with a variety of condiments (especially mayonnaise, peanut sauce and ketchup) available. Damn, those tiny fry take-outs in Amsterdam serve the best french fries in the world, especailly after a night of drinking!
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Oh, mustn't forget Amstel beer!
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oh good lord - a frittata is Italian, a tortilla is spanish.

dueling croquettes would be my vote!!!
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Poffertjes! (You need a special pan though).
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Get yourself some bitterballen by hook or by crook - there is no finer party food than that my friend.
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Best answer: On the Spanish side (Ole! La Furia Rosa!) since the Dutch have been overrepresented so far:
Churros: a fried pastry dipped in hot chocolate
Tortilla Espanol: an omelette cooked with sliced potato in it and then served on baguettes (sliced lengthwise to make a sandwich).
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Best answer: I see some great suggestions for Dutch food above. I think some typical Dutch food will be hard to get hold of outside the Netherlands. I have just finished my shopping list for the weekend (I'm in Amsterdam), here's what we will get to eat during the match.
Beer, and lots of it. Heineken, Amstel and Grolsch will always fine, but if you can get hold of Bavaria, even better. There's really no need for other drinks. I don't know if you're into a thuistap (I'm not) but it's extremely popular here.
Your typical hors d'oeuvres to eat while watching tv are 1 inch cubes of gouda cheese (lightly matured) serve them with a cocktailprikker and if you want to get all sophisticated add a slice of a pickled gherkin. There are your slices of gelderse gekookte worst, a rather bland kind of baloney. Then there's also the leverworst (liverwurst) and, because I 'm in Amsterdam ossenworst. Everything can be dunked in a bowl of a sharp mustard of your choice.
Of course, deep frying will take place. Not kroketten, but bitterballen, basically 1/3 of a kroket and much easier to pop down will drinking a beer (just don't forget to let them cool a little).
Start drinking at least an hour before the game, just to make sure you're all worked up when the game starts. In my neigborhood it is not being considered bad manners if you play songs by Andre Hazes at top volume. Andre Hazes? Yes, Andre Hazes! Especially this Andre Hazes, which has become the unofficial anthem in soccer stadiums while the Dutch team plays. If we win, we will head out to the Museumplein afterwards where it will be an absolute fucking mayhem. This what it was like during the semi's. The song you hear is another current soccer favorite "Viva Hollandia". Remember: play this loud and just make sure you drink just a bit too much. No matter how the match will turn out, it's going to be great.

PS. Tompoezen are wonderful, but tompoezen and beer? Please don't even think of trying that.
PPS just got an sms from my friend who will watch the game with us "I'll bring the Octopus
PPPS Try to think of Spain as Germany, it will be an even better experience.
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Sangria, horchata, clara (beer and lemony soda--probably your best TV watchin' bet)
little whole fried fish if you can manage it (very popular tapas), marinated anchovies, shellfish or octopus, oranges, tortilla (like frittata with potatoes and chorizo, usually spicy), potatoes bravas with that kind of ketchup-y stuff, manchego and sausage or ham (sadly probably won't be Iberian but), almonds or a cookie or cake made with almond meal, something with saffron in it (the Moors brought it to the rice dishes ie paella, yummm)
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oooh yeah--bunuelos or churros. yummm.
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Oops, I screwed up an essential link here. Viva Hollandia by Wolter Kroes. Red neck Eurotrash at it's best.
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Chocolate sprinkles
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Response by poster: Thanks all! We're going with bitterballen, Grolsch, gouda, and edam on the Dutch side and gambas a la plancha, spanish rice, and Spanish empanadas on the Spanish side.
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