It's not sweater-puppy season
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Help me find some blouses and shirts that flatter a well-endowed girl - ones that are work-appropriate, and also some for going out at night.

So I'm 27 years old, chest size 36D, averaging a size medium or large (10/11 US size). Just moved to Montreal, and am looking to make some good investment purchases for my wardrobe, specifically dressier tops for either office-work or going out on the town, and accessories to go with them.

At the normal stores all the mannequins and models are significantly more flat-chested than me, and it's hard to get a good gauge of what would actually look good on me. On the flip side, the clothing at the plus-size stores is no good, I'm just not that big and the cut is never right.

I generally prefer clothing with clean silhouettes and a more classic cut, with a good fit around my mid-section. But I also wish I could get a better idea of what funky new clothes are out there that suit well-endowed women. When going out I tend to wear my dressier work clothes or something slightly low-cut and plain... and I'd like to change that, go for something with more impact. Not shy about showing a little skin, but I do want to wear a bra with it.

I'm not so interested in looking at blouses and shirts on mannequins as I am to see real women wearing the clothes -- I intend to go to the stores and keep an eye out for what I liked in pictures, then try them on. I want to see the cut of the fabric, the necklines, the tapering, and the details that look good on a body with a larger chest.

Please give me recommendations for fashion blogs who feature average-sized curvaceous women, or your favorite pictures of these women in fashionable tops and outfits. I know Christina Hendricks is a good example (I'm a redhead too), what are your favorite shirts on her? Any other well-known naturally busty babes? Store recommendations for the Toronto/Montreal area are welcome too :)

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Best answer: I love Frocks & Frou Frou. She's Australian, and adorable. I will be watching this thread with interest!
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There was another question about this not too long ago. I'll see if I can find it. I do remember that someone recommended this line.
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Kimono tops generally look really good on girls with boobs.
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This might be the thread Evangeline is talking about. As a fellow busty lady, I found some great suggestions in there.
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Best answer: Shoshanna clothes, I believe, are designed for busty women. I have the same sort of body shape to you (32D) and short-waisted to boot, and I've found that v-necks, deep scoop-necks, sweetheart and pencil skirts are my friends. I'm also a huge fan of tops with Dolman sleeves. The clothes at Pin Up Girl clothing definitely cater to the nipped-waist, ample bosom aesthetic. Some are a little ridiculous, but they have some classic silhouettes that might work for you.

Monica Bellucci has an impressive rack, a famously curvy figure , and always looks stunning. Also, older photos of Scarlett Johansson might offer some inspiration.
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Response by poster: Frocks & Frou Frou, as well as profiscamur! and academichic from the other thread do fit the bill quite well. Already Pretty is a little hit-and-miss for me but still good, I hope some more blogs come this way :) I appreciate that these are younger girls, I'm not quite ready to leave my 20's behind yet.
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Bravissimo has a lot of cute clothes and lingerie for big-busted women. I've bought one top from their site, and was pretty happy with it. My only complaint is that it was a bit expensive (to me) for what was basically a cotton/jersey top.
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if you see something you really like, consider getting it in a size that fits your bust and then have it tailored to fit the rest of you properly. this is something that lots of women with larger busts do and it works pretty well.
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Knits. Nothing with buttons.
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Best answer: Pics? How about some of these ladies from

If you register at chictopia you can set your bra size and then search photos of everyone with the same size.

Ladies with fashion blogs and good racks Kendi, Seven Dollar Pants
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Response by poster: Yes, that chictopia does the trick. The searching by size is fantastic. Well done, Ness!
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