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What are the best multiplayer Wii games, especially for a family that loves causing havoc in co-op mode (be it in an FPS, or in a third-person hack-n-slash RPG)? We already have the Wii Sports/Resort games and aren't really interested in Super Smash Bros or Super Mario.
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Boom Blox Bash Party is our go-to game for co-op fun -- if by "causing havoc" you mean knock things over and blow things up, it can accomodate; it's also got competitive play where you can actually mess with each other.

In our home, it had a shelf life of about 8 weeks for my wife and I playing it regularly, and it still gets pulled out whenever we have game-friendly friends over. It's a game that really plays to the Wii's strengths (it's very physical and cartoonish).
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Another vote for Boom Blox Bash Party, which outstrips the original Boom Blox (okay, and fun, but not as good -- if you can get it relatively inexpensively, though, go for it).
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Any particular reason you're not into Mario? New Super Mario Bros. Wii is an amazing co-op game, almost certainly the best co-op game for the platform.
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Boom Blox hands down. Everyone in my family enjoys it immensely, even my dad who doesn't like video games too much.
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There is also a large number of on-rails shooters for the Wii---a couple of House of the Dead games and collections, two games in the Resident Evil franchise, plus (and this is highly recommended) Dead Space: Extraction. These may or may not be appropriate for "family" play, however.

I've heard good things about Dokapon Kingdom but haven't actually played it. The Metal Slug Anthology has local co-op as well, if I remember correctly.
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My family loves all the Rayman Raving Rabbids titles.. pretty much a dying fest on the ground for the 14 year old girls.
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New Super Mario Bros. Wii is an amazing co-op game, almost certainly the best co-op game for the platform.?

It's also a lot of havoc. You jump on each other's heads a lot. You get in each others way, there's a lot of yelling. It's awesome. My roommate likes the Resident Evil 4 rail shooter for Wii, but I have had minimal experience and it's more of a 2 person thing.
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There's a game called Smooth Moves that my husband got a while ago. Not sure if it's what you're looking for but it's hilarious. I haven't played it that much but it doesn't always make sense and it can be very fast moving, making it great fun for parties.
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The Raving Rabbits franchise sounds like what you're looking for.
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The Lego games are all about co-op chaos and havoc, though more in the "beat em up" style.
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I was coming in to recommend the Raving Rabbids games too. They're silly, hilarious, chaotic fun.
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Oooh seconding the Lego franchise. Batman and the original Star Wars are my favorite.
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