importing address book from hotmail to entourage
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Can I import my address book from hotmail to entourage?

I'm running OS X (10.3), and have hooked up my school account and my hotmail account to Microsoft's Entourage mail program. Everything's fine except that I can't figure a way to fill the address book other than manually entering each address. What am I missing? Directly importing the entire hotmail address book would be best, but even just auto-entering the addresses of received email would be something.
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I don't see any way to export the address book from HotMail. If you double click on the name in the header are of the e-mail, it opens up an address book entry in Entourage. If an entry doesn't already exist, it creates one which you can then save.

If that's too much work for you, you can set up a rule to auto create the address book entry as messages arrive. In Entourage go to Tools > Rules > If All Messages Then Add Sender to Address Book

Tweak as desired.
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Hmm, I can find the "If all messages" part, but I don't seem to have "Add Sender" as an option in the "then" portion... Thanks for pointing out the double click thing, though. I'll just do it by hand that way.
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