The Lost Mittens
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I need your help coming up with friendly (wuss) motorcycle biker gang names.

We have a group of about eight of us and would like some suggestions for a biker gang names that are not hardcore like 'Christ Punchers' but more friendly like 'Rumblebees' or something more tongue-in-cheek. Also, do you know of any websites that would take a design for a logo and turn it into a patch for on coats, mitts, etc. TIA!
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When I was an officer of a fencing club in college, we came up with a patch design and I got put in charge of finding someone to make them for us. I eventually settled on Stadri Emblems and we were all pleased with the results and price.
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Bike Buddies
Pink Ladies

What kinds of motorcycles do you ride?
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The Fighting Mongooses.
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Response by poster: There are 3 ladies and 5 guys. There are 6 cruisers, 1 street bike and 1 touring.
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My boyfriend did a similar thing with a group of friends and they called themselves The Nancies.
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The Side Car Kids
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Calgary Sunday Riders
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In-Laws MC
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The Lace Doilies
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The Hell's Satans
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Heck's Angels
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Shouldn't that be Heavens Satans?
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Sons of Santa.

I'm reminded of the football team members here at Northwest Missouri State University who got scooters for transportation when the gas prices went up. In honor of their coach, they called themselves "Mel's Angels".
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Shouldn't that be Heavens Satans?

Heaven's Demons, no?
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Or "The Angles".
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The Mixomatosis Crew

you know, like bunnies of death?
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The Neighborhood of Make-Believe Crew
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This seems a little inorganic...

I think you'll be happier with name that's closer to who you are and what you do than anything a bunch of strangers on the Internet might come up with.

Whenever I'm stuck, I go back to the fundamentals. Here're a few to get you started:

Where do you ride? When do you ride? How often? How far? How did you meet? What's nice about bike riding? What isn't?
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The Chopperholics
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Carnival Cruisers
Good Neighbors
Happy Campers
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Road Rash
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Monkey Butts MC
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From an episode of Spongebob Squarepants: The Mild Ones
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The Mechanical Comb-Overs, or Chrome-Overs (which are what motorcycles have become, anyway).
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Upon review, my answer comes across as snarky and mean, which I don't mean for it to be. I actually think the name would be kind of funny.
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kavasa, thank you for that link. I have been trying to find a patch maker for where I volunteer for YEARS, and the manager was very happy to see that!

Back to the question...Born To Be Mild?
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The honey badgers. Not too off-putting sounding. The badger is kind of cute (i.e. you could cartoon-ize it to a funny logo), fearless in real life, and if any of the members are married, it could have a double meaning.

I think notyou is right, though. Something more personalized to your group is going to stick better.
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"The 99 Percenters" riffing off of the old 1 percenter patch. But surely someone has already done this.

Just because you don't want to terrorize or deal drugs doesn't mean you have to wuss out with names like "pink bandannas" or the "couch potato soft touches."
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This put me in a bit of a philosophic thought process.

The name needs to be, as notyou (ironic) said...more organic, more reflective than we will be able to provide.

I ride, I've got the leather, there is NOTHING on the back, and there won't be until the name, the logo, the symbol comes to me....

be patient...
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The Snappy Toms
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The Shark Jumpers
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Harley's Angels? If you all ride hogs and are all ladies.
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which, checking your profile, you're not :(
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The Shirley Temple Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Bonus: You'll need a theme song, and there are loads of good Shirley Temple songs!

(Ooh, I like the Shark Jumpers... ayyyyy! You can tell everyone to 'sit on it, Potsie')
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The Sissy Bars
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Death Pooh (or Death Pü). Get little Winnie the Pooh bears, dress them in spikes, leather, eye patches, etc. and tie them to the back of your bikes.
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The Bikers who don't do anything?

The Virgin Tires?
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The Heaven Seventeens.

The Piss-Christs.
(Sorry, just kidding).

(uh... actually, "The Lost Mittens" is kinda cool. You could walk into the dive bar where all of the tough bikers were hanging out, and be like, "Yeah, we're the 'Lost Mittens'...", and then all of the other tough bikers would go like, "Woah... that's heavy.")
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I'm a member of the Scowling Street Terrors. (The name was a reaction to a ridiculous photo of some "we're trying desperately to look BAD" blokes standing around their bikes.)

Ni's Knights?
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The Papa Wheelies

(with apologies to the ladies)
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When my dad was in college and riding his motorcycle everywhere, my mom made him a patch for his motorcycle jacket that said, in the toughest font she could stitch, something like "The Enchanted Broccoli." I'm pretty sure that's not exactly it, because that's clearly Mollie Katzen's cookbook bleeding into my memory, and I feel like it was a more tough-sound word, but it was definitely the ______ broccoli. This has always been one of my favorite things about my parents. It's not a joke about motorcycles, but it is awesome. Is there something else you all like that is similarly silly?

"The Lost Mittens" is also totally rad.
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Response by poster: Wow. Thanks everyone! These are all great!
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