Help me find Robin Hood!
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So a segment I filmed ('Robin Hood's Nottingham') for Australian TV's Channel 9 'Getaway' show has just aired and I'd love to see the result - but as I'm in the UK I can't watch the online video at the show's site and it hasn't shown up on YouTube (or as a torrent) so is there any simple way I can get to see (or better still download) it? Many thanks!
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this isn't sufficient?
posted by kisch mokusch at 4:07 AM on July 2, 2010

it must do some geolocation nastiness so he can't watch it in the uk.
posted by onya at 4:10 AM on July 2, 2010

Response by poster: Sadly all I get when I try that is 'Sorry, this video is not available at the moment', which is why I asked. I also checked last week's vids to see if it was just a case of it not being uploaded properly yet but get the same thing with them too, hence my presumption it's a region-coded thing... Thanks for the reply though, I greatly appreciate it.

Where are you based, if you can see it? Presumably not the UK..?
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Sorry, I clearly didn't read the question properly. That being said, I used to use Hotspot Shield whenever I wanted to watch US-restricted video content (from Oz). Maybe it will work for you.
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Response by poster: Thanks very much for that link - sadly it doesn't appear to work (I still get teh same 'not available' messsage even within the Hotspot browser but I'll keep trying - and thanks again!
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I have an invite for TheBox, a private UK TV torrent tracker. MeMail me if you want it.
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Tim I'm ripping you a copy right now, when it's done I'll memail you the link. FYI, I'm not a phat video ripper extraordinaire, but I'm doing my best. I wonder if it was you I chased as a ten year old - along with the merry men - in 1991 to get your signature on my wanted sheet and a prize at the forest entrance?
posted by smoke at 7:47 AM on July 2, 2010

But it's nearly 1am here, and my slow laptop is gonna take another 1/2 hour to rip, so I'm gonna go to bed, but I promise I'll send you a link in the morning.
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Response by poster: Wow - thank you scalefree and smoke, I *greatly* appreciate your time, kindness and help!

scalefree - MeMail sent and many thanks again!

As to '91, smoke - it could well have been me, I've been doing it a looooong time - hence the wider and tighter belts these days :-) And that's extraordinary kind of you, thank you so much! I hope I helped with the wanted sheet too?
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Sadly I didn't notice that the show aired in Australia, which means TheBox doesn't have it after all. You're still welcome to the invite if you want it. Also, there is an Australian TV torrent site you can apply to, I don't have any invites there though.
posted by scalefree at 7:58 AM on July 2, 2010

You did, Tim! Maid Marian was much tougher, she didn't want to sign. And someone had to get their dad to chase Little John down, I think he was a marathon runner or something!
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I'm guessing you already got a copy from smoke, but if for some reason you are still looking for this it is definitely up on diwana and I have invites if you want one.
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