Mac to MSN Messenger?
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Is there a way I can communicate via an iSight on my Mac (10.4) with someone who insists on using MSN Messenger 7.5?

Such googling as I've done doesn't leave me very hopeful, but I'd be overjoyed if it could be done. Thanks!
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Ichat with Aim.
Yahoo with Yahoo.

Unfortunately no MSN.
posted by filmgeek at 7:53 PM on February 19, 2006

I am dealing with this too. Yahoo to Yahoo or iChat to Yahoo offers video only, no audio.

AIM to iChat (which is really AIM to AIM) is good-quality audio and video, but the pc user can not re-size the video of the Mac user any larger than about 1.5 square inches.

Whatever — free is still cheaper than calling Korea to Oklahoma and back.
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Yahoo for the video, Skype for the audio? (since the Mac skype client doesn't do video yet)
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No. MSN Messenger's audio/video chat is based on the Windows Media architecture, which Microsoft has refused to port to the Mac OS (or to any non-Windows platform). Ironically, programs that use QuickTime can work on both Mac OS and Windows (see "iTunes"), but programs like Messenger that use the Windows Media API are restricted to Windows.

(The free Windows Media players that Microsoft has released over the years just play back stored and streaming media formats - they don't implement the whole architecture.)

iChat video chat works with AIM for Windows, so that may be your best bet.
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Response by poster: Thanks, guys.
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Best answer: Wolof, try aMSN. I haven't tried it myself but it does support webcam video (but not voice I believe).
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Response by poster: Thank you so much! I'll try it very soon -- all I need is video, the audio hookup will be via landline.
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We use aMsn as well (link above) and it WORKS! I can't believe this went under the radar for most mac people. The camera works actually better than MSN's client. Have fun!
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