Let's keep it Mental
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would the hive point me to someone who delivers on Adbusters' claim to be the "journal of the mental environment", minus ALL of the dippy green nit-wittery?

Adbusters is often innovative and well-designed. the prob is they noticeably lean way too far left for me half the time, and it negates their cultural & sociological insights, for me.

yes: examine & assess the state of our culture/favor evolution of understanding through art & culture jamming
no: endangered species/carbon-footprint nonsense.

& above all, please no debates over whether those topics are valid or important. regardless of how my views may have changed on those issues, I've always felt that AdBusters greatly dilutes their impact when they take the discussion away from the "mental environment" (so much potential) and into the excruciating contemporary cliche of recycling your toilet paper.
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Do you not like anti-consumerism, or is that specifically don't like environmentalism? If you DO like anti-consumerism, but DON'T want to hear much about environmentalism, you MIGHT like Consumerist.
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Political journalism for adults: Foreign Affairs.
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Stay Free! (and I couldn't agree more about Adbusters!)
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