Cheap flight options to Poland in September?
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Does anyone have advice on getting cheap flights to Poland (preferably into Lodz or Warsaw) for early September? I've tried the sites I normally use for flights, like Cheaptickets, Vayama, etc., but the lowest I can find is $900. I've also looked into becoming a courier, but it seems those options are greatly limited, if not impossible. I would be traveling alone and would probably stay around two weeks. I've traveled, lived, and studied abroad extensively, so more complicated options are definitely viable. This is for a wedding of a good friend of mine, and I'd really like to make it out there!
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I just went to and found a roundtrip from JFK to Warsaw, over the first weekend in September . . . for $729, taxes & fees included. So check that one out.
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I would also suggest checking out Expedia; depending on the day you leave/return, prices vary.
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I did this in September of last year with my wife. I asked the same question on Ask, here:

"Just as a matter of record, I went ahead and bid on Priceline, and came up with $610 per ticket after all the fees and taxes, which while not spectacular is a decent price, seems to me. Moral of the story: priceline is worth bidding on (at least, it worked for me, this time around). YMMV."

Now, this was for Los Angeles - Berlin RT. BUT, we took a side trip to Poland by train from Berlin to Warsaw (we were going to Lodz so we got off in - forgot the name of the town - but it was like 45 minutes to Lodz by car), it was fast, and pretty cheap, so altogether, it wasn't much (I can't remember exactly, but it was like $40-60 Euros). Then from there we went to the Czech Republic and back the same way to Berlin where we stayed for awhile. The point being: check out the option of going to Berlin and taking a train to Warsaw, and also don't be afraid to bid on Priceline. It worked for us last year.
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Kayak.Com is showing $700-750 for early September.
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Hi, you do not specify where you are flying from but from your profile it appears NY so I will presume from there.

'I've traveled, lived, and studied abroad extensively, so more complicated options are definitely viable.

Good to hear - as such how about this then -

EWR (Newark - NY) to LHR (London Heathrow) via Rejkjavik in Iceland for $444 on Iceland Express (I did departing 01.09.10 - sorry forgot that you Americans write it as 09.01.10 and coming back on 09.14.10)

and then a hop, skip and a jump on Ryanair to Lodz for $62 rtn.

All in for $506. Tickets available now at prices indicated. Man I should be a travel agent - that was fun. Happy travels.
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There are really cheap flights from London to Warsaw Poland on budget carriers for £50. perhaps you could book seperate flights.
try wizzair
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Try flights to Berlin. Many Poles travel from Berlin airports because it is often cheaper than from Warsaw's Okęcie. Moreover there is quite good (i.e. fast -- trains in Poland are notoriously slow) train connection from Berlin Hbf to Warszawa Centralna station. If you book train ticket in advance you may save about 20-30€. See for your train ticket options.

The town where VikingSword left Berlin-Warsaw train was Kutno.
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