When will Diablo 3 come out?
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When will Diablo 3 come out? Can't wait any more.
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When it's done.
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it's a blizzard game which means it'll be released when it's done and until it's done, there won't be a release date. i'm sure you know this, though - so what are you asking? this question doesn't seem answerable.
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Seriously? When it's done is the pat answer but if you think about it they haven't even started beta-testing yet so it's at least 2 years away.
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Before You Ask:

Try using Google or another search engine to try to answer your question.

No release date announced yet. I figured that out in 10 seconds using Google.
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When the political climate is safer for Diablos to speak freely about their sexual preferences.

Seriously, nobody outside the production company can give a true answer to this.
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wiki on Blizzard clears up their policy, which has been in effect for many years :

The company also has a history of declining to set release dates, choosing to instead take as much time as needed, generally saying a given product is "done when it's done."
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to be fair, the wiki suggests possibly "2011" sometime
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As some other people have said already, "when it's done." More helpfully, if you figure that Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm both figure to be released this year, I think 2011 at the earliest is a safe bet.
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Generally in game development you have three things to keep in mind:

1) Doing the game on time

2) Doing the game on budget

3) Making the game good

Typically a development team can only meet two out of three of these points, maybe one out of three.

Due to contracts with publishers dictating points 1) and 2). Point #3, the quality, is the one that's ignored the most. This also leads to something in the game development world known as "Crunch time" which is a protracted period of intense work before the game ships. This can lead to developers burning out from stress, among other things.

So, the "When it's done" model is ideal for everyone. It means that development studios can have a reasonable work/life balance and ship a game that will be good. Ignoring point 1 and (with lots of resources) 2 means that the developers can focus on #3.

Valve does the same thing, they actually close the offices at 6pm and kick everyone out, explicitly avoiding "crunch time." I assume Blizzard is similar.
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Best guess is the end of year holiday season, 2011, or first quarter 2012. My gut says they're going to drop their Starcraft and Warcraft bombs all over us this year and Diablo will be the money maker for them at the end of next year.
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This is Blizzard. Furiousxgeorge hit the nail on the head, and possibly out of the ballpark as well. Blizzard has always had the "when it's done" philosophy, just ask anyone who was anxiously awaiting the release of Diablo II!
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If you really can't wait, have you tried Torchlight? It's a sort of Diablo "2.5" in that it was developed by some of the folks who worked on D2, and it's seen good reviews.
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I enjoyed Torchlight, but I wouldn't describe it as much of a successor to Diablo 2; it's a lot smaller and simpler, and there aren't many meaningful differences in character builds or equipment.

If you haven't tried it already, the Median XL mod should keep you busy for a while while you wait for the real thing.
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It is interesting because when adding content to existing games, Blizzard has has, and exercises the opportunity to manage the scope to get regular content updates out. So a content release may not have certain elements that they thought it might.

Also, the buzz machine starts up a few months ahead of time, if you look at SC II, and WoW Cataclysm. I haven't heard peep about D III, so it is probably six months or more out.
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