Can I restore an iTunes backup file?
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Did iTunes delete my backup file? If so, can I restore it or other wise get it back?

I recently upgraded from IOS 3 to IOS 4 on my iPhone 3G. Soon after the upgrade I noticed that my wifi had stopped working - the radio would only work sporadically, it would only join networks if I typed in the network name manually, and it would only stay joined for a minute or two before dying out - but that's not really the problem here.

I wanted to restore the iPhone to original factory settings to see if that repaired the wifi issue. Instead of restoring from a backup (Backup A, let's call it), I restored to original factory settings. Restore worked fine. iTunes asked if I wanted to backup the iPhone. I said 'yes' (Backup B).

I discovered that despite the clean restore the wifi still doesn't work. So, I planned to restore the phone from Backup A. HOWEVER, when I went to restore from Backup A, it was not included in the list. *Only* Backup B is listed.

I fear I did something really stupid, that Backup B has permanently overwritten Backup A. Not a problem except that the Notes and the Photos from Backup A appear to be unrecoverable. Music, apps, and contacts are on my laptop.

Am I screwed here or a) is Backup A hiding somewhere on my computer out of sight; or, b) can I restore Backup A?
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I'd look in ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup and see if it exists. If it's not there, it's not there -- do you have a time machine backup you can roll back to find it?
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Best answer: Sorry, that's a bunch of junk -- you'll want to look at the dates there. Then try something like iPhone backup extractor to get the data out.

If you encrypt your backup, I imagine you're boned, though, sorry.
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Yes. It deleted it. Same thing happened to me. Apple suggests recovering form a Time Machine backup. That would be well and good if TM was enabled by default on a new install. Grr.
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