Interproximal Reduction (IPR)
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Pros, cons and personal experience with interproximal reduction (IPR).

Considering having IPR on my four central incisors.

My orthodontist explained the purpose as 99% cosmetic/aesthetic and 1% less movement once the braces are off. I like my teeth fine (shape, arrangement) and the braces were meant only to keep one pesky tooth from migrating too far, not for a plastic-perfect smile, so I'm less than convinced.

I have looked up a few journal articles and the risks (sensitization, mostly) seem minimal. But still, is it worth it? Pros/cons/anecdotes?
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I had it done on the space between my two top front teeth. It was for cosmetic reasons and was the last step before my braces were to be removed. What I didn't know until it was too late was that it causes your teeth to migrate back and can then affect your bite. Now I'm on my third month of wearing elastics to try and correct it. I think the ortho also put some bend in my wire to try and push my front teeth back outwards. Anyway, not the end of the world, but something to consider.
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I recall it being incredibly unpleasant to have done. Most of my teeth have migrated in the 16 years since I had braces, thanks to retainers that were too painful to wear and and an orthodontist who refused to adjust them.
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I had numerous rounds of IPR during a course of Invisalign (one of the many things Invisalign's marketing materials fail to mention is IPR is often required at several stages). Anesthesia wasn't required, the only real discomfort came from hearing the diamond strips rasping loudly in my head. Even though my teeth tend to go through sensitive phases, the aftereffects of IPR were minimal; I experienced a day or two of cold sensitivity at most. Your dentist should send you home with a tube of Rx strength flouride toothpaste.
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