Best care package ever?
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Help me build an awesome care package for a band on tour.

Let's say you're part of a band that's been on tour for about a month, and has at least another few weeks to go before heading home. Let's say there are a bunch of you, both dudes and ladies. What would go in your ideal care package?

I definitely want to include edibles (and drinkables), but it doesn't all have to be booze and snacks. Anything that would be fun or delicious or entertaining or useful on tour, really. Bonus points if it has something to do with NYC in general or Brooklyn in particular (like a bottle of Absolut Brooklyn). This package will be delivered locally, so it doesn't have to be light or easily shipped. Hit me with your best ideas!
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Socks. Underwear.
posted by Brainy at 11:17 AM on June 28, 2010

Scrabble travel edition.
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Best answer: ear plugs
duct tape
soldering iron & solder
blank legal paper
more duct tape
zip ties (re-usable best)
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Best answer: Hand wipes
Alcohol wipes
Towels and Washcloths
Neck pillow
Garment bag
blindfold (for sleeping)
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Best answer: Gaffer tape... Devil's duct tape suggestion reminded me of gaffer tape.
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Oh and are they on a tour bus?
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Touring sucks. Go practical. Socks, Sharpies, and hand sanitizer would all be amazing gifts if I still chose to put myself through that torture.
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quarters for vending machines
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Brainy nailed it. They probably do NOT need any more booze or snacks.

If you want to make it fun, screen the undies with "(band name) 2010 Tour" or similar.
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Best answer: Are you a friend or family? If you could collect notes of encouragement from loved ones I think that'd be a nice addition.

Card games (Uno and Phase 10 are easy and fun)
Baby wipes (millions of uses)
Local Postcards and stamps
Fresh Fruit
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Condoms, dental dams, more condoms and a list of free clinic addresses.
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Best answer: See Also.
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If they're traveling in a van they're probably tired of each others' music by now; a few (new or mix) CDs might be welcome.
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Response by poster: They are on a tour bus, yes. And I'll point out that when I mentioned a possible care package, they replied that they always need more booze and snacks!
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I don't know if this is possible, but paying for a room for them to spend one night in would be absolute gold...they'd probably appreciate that more than anything else. This is assuming that they spend their nights on the bus or on the floors of friends' houses. I have some friends who tour often (about 10 of 'em, both dudes and ladies) and their favorite thing while they are on tour is to sleep in a bed and be able to take a hot shower.
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Best answer: Ooh, knew I was forgetting a few:

extension cords
plug bars

(I don't care how many they have -- it's not enough)
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I was going to suggest various safe sex packs, as well as feminine hygiene products (goodness knows you need them while on tour), but I'm not sure if that borders on the "inappropriate" or not.

Protein-based snacks would be cool, it helps with energy.
Some silly puzzles or brainteasers just to keep your mind active.
Something to cuddle.

One time I made an activity book for some folks at a TV station with made-up word games & puzzles, trivia, stories, and all sorts of random. they quite liked it.
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Oh, PENS AND PAPER. And a USB stick or two, maybe some SD cards. Surprising how often you need those and yet can never find them!
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Best answer: First aid kit
lip gloss
comic books
rocket balloons (super fun on the bus but make sure the driver is okay with it)
eye drops
jolly ranchers candy
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Best answer: A small screwdriver set (something always breaks.)

A crapload of guitar strings and drumsticks (It's a serious pain to run around a strange city in a bus looking for a Guitar Center at 8 pm.)

Gift Certificates for highway food places (Depending on how broke they are. Per diems can only get you so much Burger King.)

Envelopes (Good for merch cash deposits.)

Rubberbands (For rolling up t-shirts.)

Starbucks Double Shots and Red Bulls (Not too many, because you don't want them to have to cart a crate of them around, and you can buy them at gas stations. But it would be nice to have a little community stock of them in the fridge.)

Hm! I'll think of more later, probably... but hope this helps! Good luck to your friends, and I feel their pain.
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