4G service in NY?
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Any ideas when 4G cell data service will hit NY?

I've got a p.o.s. phone right now on AT&T and REALLY like the HTC EVO, but live in NY were there is no 4G service. I'd consider switching to Spring for this phone and service. Any murmurings on when 4G will hit NY (particularly NYC)?
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There was an article on Engadget a week or so ago stating that Evo customers in NYC, LA and SF are seeing pockets of 4G. Sprint/Clear have officially said NYC is on the list this year. The few reports of a few towers working now is good news for some sort of rollout sooner rather than later.
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Sprint's 4g is currently based on wimax. Pretty much every other carrier in the world is going with LTE. Sprint is trying to sucker you in to a 2 year contract and get to market the first 4G network.

Even sprint has committed to moving to LTE, their CEO Dan Hesse has said as much.

The other US carriers are looking at 4G deployment in beginning in 2011. I'd wait.
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