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Is there any good free-ware video editing software?

Sub question: I can't tell if Avid's website offers a free version but when I click the Avid Xpress button, it brings up a form wich includes *purchase date and *serial number.

I found Vista's system ID but I don't know what to put for the serial number* question.

I would like to have the old Avid Xpress DV back but If not, I would like any other good alternative that let's me save, render and without watermarks.

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posted by JayRwv at 6:49 PM on June 26, 2010

Yeah, Avid canned Avid Free DV a few years ago - IIRC, about the time they completed their purchase of Pinnacle (ugh!) and positioned Pinnacle Studio (double-ugh!) as their entry-level editor.

JayRwv'a link points you to the old Avid page (now 404'd), but it's still available around the place if you Google for it.
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Cinelerra? I've only used it for very minor things but it seems OK.
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Wikipedia: Comparison of video editing software

From the free ones I only tried Avidemux and VirtualDub, they were okay but could use usability improvements. I heard good things about openshot, though.
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Response by poster: Thanks for your help guys, Since none of those will do, can anyone recommend pro or semi-pro video editing software that I can buy for under a $100? (I'm on a PC, Vista).
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Depending on what you want, Editstudio may suffice - it's more semi-pro than semi-pro ~ pro, but it's the closest to 'pro' features I can think of for under $100. It's also mostly lacking the ridiculous dumbed-down UI / timeline of most cheap editors.

I'd only hesitate to recommend it because Mediachance has been somewhat moribund since before they bought out the original Editstudio developers, but they (really, he) seem to be picking up again in recent times.
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