Is ATT behind this?
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Bricked iPhone: I just installed ios 4 on my iPhone 3g 16 gig and it bricked. A little help here, people?
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How do you mean, exactly? A bricked iPhone would not do absolutely anything — blank screen, not restorable, can't enter DFU mode.

If in case it isn't actually bricked, and if you haven't tried this yet:

Hold the power button and the home button until it restarts, and then when you see the Apple logo let go of the power button but keep on holding the home button. iTunes should detect it and ask you to restore it.
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And, I guess it goes without saying, if you hven't even tried forcing a restart yet, just hold home and the power button until it restarts and maybe it'll be cleared up right there. Sorry if this stuff is obvious.
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Thanks - it wasn't even responding to that before, now it is, I guess I panicked and hadn't held both long enough.
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Gizmodo has a post up on how to downgrade your phone if iOS 4 is doing bad things to it.
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When you upgraded to iOS 4, did you just have iTunes load it on?
Or did you do a full restore to load iOS 4?
I went the full restore rout and it's working very well.
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Tried to restore 3x (including a MacBook reboot) which failed (error message 1602) - and it won't let me shut down to get into DFU mode - any ideas?
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Ok, just an update and then I'll be quiet. I eventually got the lifehacker post brainmouse links to work. Just be very diligent following instructions and I found it easier to simply download the old iPhone update that is linked rather than search for it.
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