Underground Oslo?
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Underground Oslo? Where do all the weirdos in Oslo hang out? What are the good punk/metal/jazz/whatever venues? Any social centers/autonomous spaces? ETC!

I'll be in Oslo from Sunday through Friday and want to check out some things besides museums.
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Underskog and Oslopuls has list over events etc.

If you're in Oslo Sunday, why not visit Blå (at lower Grünerløkka) for the weekly _free_ concert with Frank Znort Quartet. They've had weekly concerts for 10 years with an eclectic blend of rock, jazz, bluegrass and Romani music. If you're there early, Blå also serves food and beer outside, in a nice location next to the river.

For metal fans, Oslopuls suggests these places, starting with Elm Street.

For social scenes/autonomous spaces, there's Blitz and Hausmania.

(It's not exacly underground... but Norwegian TV2 has put up a 70 square meter outdoor video display at Kontraskjæret, near Aker Brygge, to show the World Cup games. Admission is free.)
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Just, ya know, don't get all burnie
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Excellent, iviken! Thanks!
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