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My son likes WarioWare DIY for his Nintendo DS--it lets you make little microgames and share them online. Are there any games for the Iphone that let you create levels or make little microgames?

I know that the benevolent app store fascists have removed the Scratch viewer.
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This game lets you create levels for the iPhone. Note that you have to create the levels on a computer and then sync it with the iPhone.
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Response by poster: Thanks for that pointer. I ended up download the XBLA application "Kodu" for five bucks for my son (10) to play with. Still happy to see any sort of level-creation toys for the Iphone (actually an Ipod Touch).
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It would probably violate the app store rules.
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Response by poster: Some possibilities:

Ricky + Level creator

Chuck the ball


Not iphone, but nifty: Advanced Ninja 4 level editor

Implode XL

Stick Skater (in dev.)

review of aforementioned Labrynth 2

Iblast Moki

For some reason I can't fully articulate my searches until I post an question, then they sort of solidify.
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Response by poster: Sketch Nation Shooter kind of falls in this category too.
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Response by poster: Doodle Chaos! (free)
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