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I am blown away by this chart that TomMelee linked to here.

I'm afraid I'll show what a technology rube I am by saying it, but I think that chart is wonderful.

What other kinds of information could be communicated in a form like this? I can come up with (obviously) other sporting events or tournaments and academic scheduling/school scheduling. What else? Can you give me some examples of other things on the web that have a similar interface?
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Could be a good way to keep track of all the LOST characters/mysteries/timelines.
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Lots of phylogenetic trees are laid out radially like that. Some are interactive.
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Meanings of color by country.

Generally, I think you'd love Information is Beautiful.
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Some more:
Tide prediction
Beatles song keys

GOOD often posts beautiful infographics, too
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Response by poster: I think it is the interactivity and the ability to pick something out and have all aspects of it highlighed and clickable that is exciting me. As well as the simpleness of it. Is there anything else like that?
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The Guardian regularly posts interactive guides to news stories, not necessarily radial like your example, but definitely meets all the criteria in your second comment.
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