Looking for my voice in Frankfurt, Germany.
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Help me find a voice (singing) teacher in Frankfurt, Germany.

For the last eight months I've been taking private voice lessons in Frankfurt am Main, but recently I've grown dissatisfied with my teacher. I feel she hasn't been acting in a professional manner lately (showing up late for lessons and changing their schedule frequently, hiking her fees months ago to cover the cost of a pianist she hasn't got around to hiring so far, etc); moreover, progress was very promising early on but seems to have hit a plateau in the last couple months (which is understandable to a certain degree, but I am getting frustrated at the ongoing lack of results).

Anyhow — I'm now considering trying out a different voice teacher and I thought I'd turn to the Hive Mind for advice. Could any musically inclined Mefites familiar with the area point me in the right direction?

Complicating factor: my German is rubbish, but I can competently speak English, French and Spanish (and get by in Japanese, if it's any help). That aside, I'm open to pretty much all singing styles and I'm sure I could learn a lot from any of them. My own skill level, at the moment, is still rather basic.

Thanks in advance everyone!
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I would ask this question on the New Forum for Classical Singers.
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