How much chicory?
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In New Orleans-style coffee with chicory, what are the ratios of coffee vs. chicory?

I have a container of French Market coffee with chicory at home, and now Trader Joe's carries coffee with chicory as well, but neither container describes the proportion of coffee to chicory. The ingredients list on the Trader Joe's can lists only coffee and chicory, in that order, so presumably there is more coffee than chicory. The French Market can doesn't have an ingredient list that I could find.

Does anyone have any idea how much chicory these contain? Even rough estimates would be helpful - is it 5% chicory or 50%?
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Depends. I know a place that brews coffee separate from chicory, so when you want coffee and chicory together they just mix the two. I believe it's about three parts coffee to one part chicory. Other places recommend four parts coffee to one part chicory.
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I've always heard 2 parts coffee to 1 part chicory.
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I've seen suggestions for mixing your own ranging from 2-to-1 to 4-to-1 coffee to chicory. I imagine they're within that range. Maybe try calling Trader Joe's to ask? They don't seem to have any detailed product information on their site.

(And thanks for the heads-up about Trader Joe's selling it! I usually mail-order Community.)
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Best answer: Sweet Maria's agrees with quodlibet: 1/3 chicory, 2/3 coffee.
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