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Is there a way to get a Flash player to work on a Wii? We were trying to watch a tv show off of using the Opera browser on the Wii and got stopped in our tracks after it requiring Flash. Please advice!
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The Opera browser has flash, just a light version of it that corresponds to around Flash 8. (Official Flash is on 10). It looks like ABC requires a newer version and as far as I know there is no way to update it manually.
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Sharkfu is right I'm afraid. There is no way to update the ancient version of flash on the Wii.
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If you really, really, really wanted to pursue this you could install a Linux distro and then try gnash (since Adobe doesn't offer a Linux PowerPC plugin.) That would be a lot of work though and you'd have to be willing to really get your hands dirty fiddling with things, and even then there's no guarantee that gnash has implemented enough of the newer Flash features to make the ABC player happy. (You'd definitely want to first try the site with gnash on a regular PC before going any further.)
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wellif you have a ps3 it should work.
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majortom1981: The PS3 will not stream
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Wongcorgi are you sure about that ? the ps3 has full flash unlike the wii.
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Nevermind i know why . YOu can buy the abc shows from the ps3 store
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You should be able to using TVersity:
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