Help! I lost 24!
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What are some good sites where I can view episodes of TV shows online? I lost the recording of last night's episodes of 24 I had on my DVR and want to try and catch up before tonight's 2 hours. Thanks!
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Network sites and Hulu generally only carry shows a week after they air. Your best bet is eztv and a torrent client.
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Hulu is great and offers most shows in HD.
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Yeah just get it on hulu here

Season 7 of 24 comes to Hulu Monday, 1/12. We can offer five episodes at a time. After five are posted to the site, we will lose the oldest episode each time a new one is added.

Episode 1 (the first half of the premiere) will expire Monday, 1/19.

The final episodes from Seasons 1 and 6 will be available until 11:59 p.m. PST on 1/11. On 1/12, we will begin cycling through Season 1 again, posting 5 episodes to start and then adding one every Tuesday (taking down the oldest as we do so).

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Best answer: You can go to click on Full episodes and watch both episodes from last night.........I think this is the easiest way to go....

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Hi, take a look at Maybe it's there.
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You can try alluc.
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i also use and
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Haven't checked yet to see if it is an option, but last season when I missed an episode of 24 I pulled it from iTunes Music Store. Figured it was worth the $2 to me to get it full-screen, legally, hassle free and all that.
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I generally start looking at sidereel. In the past there were things I couldn't find at hulu much longer after the show had originally aired.
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