Seeking an organic produce delivery service in Las Vegas.
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Seeking an organic produce delivery service in Las Vegas.

I was using (based out of LA), until they recently stopped their courier service. The subscription was for a biweekly box of seasonal organic produce, sourced from local farms in California, so what I'm looking for would be similar to a CSA, but obviously not one, as I'd be looking to ship/have it delivered to a house in Las Vegas.

I've come across a few CSAs that require driving to a pickup location, but this subscription would be for my mom, and needs to be delivered to her home.

One of the companies I've found that carries a "Produce Box" is, based out of Utah, but I am wondering if anyone has any other suggestions, as their box doesn't seem to be as customizable.

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I'm a Winder customer and have been pleased with their boxes, but I like the surprise and have fun finding new ways to use the fruit and veggies.

Winder does have the boxes, but they sell lots of other things too. They have a pretty good selection of fruits and veggies available, you can customize your weekly delivery to get whatever you want. My husband really likes their bread, and the meat is really good too. I would use them a lot more if they had gluten-free options.
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Seconding Winderfarms. I use them and know several people who have also had great results. Their OJ is very good.
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I too use Winderfarms but as they point out on their website, the produce box is not organic. Also, about 1/4 of any given order is yucky, bruised apples, rotten potatoes, that sort of thing. And it's not customizable at all, you just get what they feel like giving that week. The milk is really good though.
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Thanks for the WF recommendations everyone, but I ended up going with Meadow Valley CSA -- it's more along the lines of what I was looking for.
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