Therapy to release trauma, done in groups
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Is there a system of therapy that releases trauma like body psychotherapy, but done in groups or more inexpensively?

I've had body psychotherapy in the past, and really got on with it for releasing traumas. Now I could really do with doing some work, but I just can't budget for private sessions.

Any ideas? Happy to consider a wide scope of things, just that I got on well with the body stuff, not just loads of talking.

London, UK FTW.
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Response by poster: Meditation seems to work for bringing things to the surface, but I don't know how to release them on my own with neighbours below me.
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Gestalt group

Movement and Dance Therapy Groups

Not really my field but Gestalt and Dance was what I thought of off the top of my head. Hope they are of some help.
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Also just found this website. Maybe there's a similar set-up in your locality:

Arts Therapy
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Hesitate to recommend this, but it's what you're after

Reevaluation Counseling
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Have you tried yoga?
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"Focusing is direct access to a bodily knowing."

"Intricate relations between palpable experience and logical thought. Thinking with both."

1. Read this book:

2. Pay a couple hundred and get three sessions with a trainer (can be done over the phone).

3. Find a focusing partner and continue on for free.
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perhaps holotropic breathwork would do it. definitely done in a group--you need a sitter while you're doing your breathwork, there are multiple pairs of people in each session, and the sessions have a facilitator who guides the breathwork. i don't believe it's recommended as a long-term type therapy; i.e., it's not the kind of thing that people do daily like yoga or weekly like a typical therapy session, although they sometimes have multiple-week sessions where participants work on specific issues. as i recall, it's a little pricey--can be around a hundred dollar per session--but the sessions last hours & the price is offset by the fact that it's not an on-going thing.
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That Focusing book is awesome, for one.

Also, might you try taking a massage class with a close friend and agree to practice on each other? Likely won't work but worth a try?
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers.
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