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Is there a program to search a document in a program that does not have a search function?

I'm doing a clinical research project using an electronic medical records system. It would be nice to be able to search a page for key terms, but the software does not have a search function. Any ideas that could help me out?
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Can you print to PDF from the program? If it prints smartly (i.e., prints as text rather than as images), you could search the PDF.
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If it's text and printing fails in some strange manner, you could copy it all to Notepad/Word and use the search function there.
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For Windows, Search and Replace.

For Mac, TextWrangler.
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How is the content written? If you throw the file into Notepad or the related basic text editor on your OS, what shows up? For example, MS Word Documents will open, with a bunch of extra data related to formatting, and you can search that. On the other side, I tried a PDF with selectable text, and it turned up unreadable (and thus unsearchable) gibberish.
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If your electronic medical record system is driven off a standard database, you might find success in accessing the database directly and searching that way.
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It's not very easy, but you might be able to do it using AutoIT (assuming it is a mac).
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(sorry - meant to say windows, not mac)
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You can use a utility like WinSpy++ to extract the text from any dialog and copy it to the clipboard.
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