Would a plane ticket from Toronto to Beijing cost more after today?
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Would a plane ticket from Toronto to Beijing cost more after today?

A travel agent told my friend that airfare from Toronto to Beijing would go up after the end of May. This sounds like nonsense to me, but what do I know. We are actually planning a trip to China though and today is almost over. Curses! Is there any truth to this or was it just a sales pitch?
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I suspect the agent meant that tickets for travel after the end of May are more expensive.
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Probably. Airline tickets tend to go up in the summer because of the higher demand (kids out of school, families want to go on vacation, etc). Cheapest times to travel overseas are September-November and January-April.
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Well I don't actually know how travel agents book their flights, but for example, on the Air Canada website, there are special fares (go to main page, see right side bar for link) from Vancouver to Asia that supposedly expire tonight, and if you fly from Toronto on AC, you'll probably transfer in Vancouver. Of course, it's entirely possible that tomorrow they will put up a new deal. Just a possibility.
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Even though the HST is being introduced in July, if you are booking a flight for anytime after July 1st, you will be charged the HST, even if you pay beforehand. Maybe this is part of what the travel agent was talking about.
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It may very well be a sales pitch, or it may not be... there is not really any way of telling. You always take your chances when buying plane tickets, as airlines change their fares on a daily basis based on a huge range of factors.
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I immediately thought of what Bozo mentions - they're referring to HST?
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I don't know if this is related, but I just saw an article about airlines charging "peak fees" during the summer starting this year.
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