Help me find a very specific kind of bag.
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Another very specific search for the perfect bag.

I've checked all the other threads on this topic but what I'm looking for is annoyingly specific, so none of the previous answers really cover it. I'm looking for a bag that:

-will fit and safely cushion a light, thin, 11-inch laptop
- will also fit other stuff ie, a book, wallet, iphone, etc
-is NOT a messenger bag or a typical "laptop bag"
-is preferably made of leather

The tricky thing is it needs to have a compartment to slip the laptop into, but in general, I'd like it to look like a normal handbag, either a shoulder bag or a cross-body. So it would have to be both structured AND kind of slouchy. For reference, I really dislike pretty much everything about the way Timbuk2 bags look- I don't like the fabric or the fold-over top- but I also don't want something really corporate and shiny and semi-briefcase looking. So you can see why I'm having trouble finding anything suitable.

I have thought about just getting a laptop sleeve but I'm not sure that'd provide enough protection, given that I'll be schlepping this thing around constantly.

Any links to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated!

PS It's probably relevant that I'm female.
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There are some here that might fit the bill.
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Something like this or this? Giving us the dimensions of each side of the laptop will help us help you. Also, aesthetic considerations? Prefer black leather?
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Why don't you you just buy a large enough bag that you like and a laptop sleeve? If it's really important for the sleeve you be part of the bag, you could even have a tailor stitch it into the lining (or do it yourself).
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I've reached the point in my internets shopping life where if I can't find exactly what I like in the actual real world, I find someone on Etsy who can just make it for me. Admittedly there is a lot of crap there, but there are also some very skilled artisans, many of whom are not charging typical skilled artisan prices.

I personally like Studio One Designs. A search for leather laptop bag turns up a bunch of interesting stuff which actually reminds me that I too need a new laptop/other stuffs bag. Hm.

GetReadySetGO has upcycled vintagey things that are sometimes pretty rad, and although I have never actually ordered any of their stuff, I have often been tempted.
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There are two bags I would suggest: I can't vouch for how well they would cushion a laptop, but if that were a concern of mine I'd get a neoprene sleeve for it anyway.

Smaller bag | Larger bag

Apologies if the color isn't up your alley, I was looking for orange leather bags last nite. There are other leather color choices.
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This one is pretty decent looking. As others suggest, maybe a thin laptop sleeve inside a larger purse-type-bag.
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Oh, this one's nice too, as you mentioned 'kind of slouchy'.
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Response by poster: I would rather have an integrated laptop section of the bag than a sleeve, for a variety of reasons. And these suggestions are exactly what I'm looking for- thank you! Aesthetically- no major color preference, just not black or white. The laptop is like 1.5 inches thick.
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The site's kind of annoying, but something like Urbantool's slotBaron or slotStar might be what you're looking for.
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I love Knomo's laptop bags, have one myself and think they are awesome. They look great because they don't look like laptop bags!
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Response by poster: Sorry- just for clarification purposes, the Urbantool bags are sort of exactly what I'm not looking for.
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Something like this or this? (found by googling "laptop purse," fwiw)
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Take a look at these Lodis laptop bags. Leather and nicely constructed. This tote bag or this satchel look like regular handbags, not laptop bags.
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Best answer: I think Latico Leathers makes great underrated, understated but colorful leather bags. I carry one myself and I really like it. How about this one, the Mimi, which comes in seven non-black colors, and has a "lightly padded laptop sleeve" built in?
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PS- I see 4 of the colors available new on Ebay for about $80 less than the Amazon price
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If you go to the "women's business" section of ebags, you can narrow the selection of bags down by the specific laptop model that it can fit using the laptop bag finder, then narrow that down by material, color, and price. You can also input the dimensions of your laptop.
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Response by poster: slow graffiti - that is exactly what I'm looking for! Sadly that one's a bit of of my current price range, but yes, exactly like that.
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This will also be out of your price range and doesn't include padding, but fits your other requirements. It'll last a lifetime though so would be a good investment compared to most bags. Saddleback Leather's Satchel, Backpack, or Messenger Bag which doesn't look like a contemporary messenger bag.
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Another thing you may want to do is buy the leather bag that fits your budget and size constraints. Make sure it isn't a laptop that pricetag will come with an extra digit at the front.

Then get a cheap but snug laptop sleeve to pop into the leather bag.

Boom instant custom bag.
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