Adding a strap to a bag
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Wondering if this is possible and where would I go to get this done-adding a strap to a bag that I bought

I bought this bag overseas and would like to add a shoulder strap to it to carry as a shoulderbag. Right now I can't lug it over my shoulders and can only hand carry (by the handles shown on the bag). Also, this is a leather bag and I was told that I would mess the leather up if I tried something like this. The original manufacturer is not based in USA. Couple of questions-

First off are there any stores that would do such work, if so what do I search for in my area?
I did a quick search but couldn't find any stores that sell straps that go with this orange bag. Any recommendations for stores would be great

Thanks so much!
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I'd go to a cobbler/shoe repair place. They often can work all kinds of miracles with leather goods.
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Call around for any tailors that work with leather or see if there are leather working shops. The best plan would be for them to attach metal hooks that your new strap can clip on to. That's how many cross body bags are that have hand-handles also, so that you can remove the strap.

As far as the color, you may have to again, find a local retailer or fabric store that sells leather and give it to the person fixing your bag to fashion into a strap - you could also do faux leather but it won't stand up as good to the usage.

Also make sure that they either make it an adjustable strap (you will need more hardware for this) or to make sure they have the proper length that you want it for your shoulder.

You will probably also want to buy or make sure they have the hardware.

-Metal hooks for bag
-Metal clasps for each and of your strap
-Leather/Faux Leather for Strap

The tailor or leather worker may have some of these, but you will just have to call and ask. You may also find individual leatherworkers in your area that make their own products. They often show at craft fairs or hobby fairs to sell their products. They would probably take a commission to do a custom job for the bag if it's worth it to you.
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Get a strap with claw or s-hook findings on both ends. Attach those findings to the o-rings when you want a strap. Being able to detach the strap is important because it's probably never going to look very good. It's going to be very hard to find a color match and a strap isn't a good candidate for dying. Any good leather shop will tell you not to redye a strap because on redyes there is invariably some residual color transfer. That will ruin the your clothing.

The other option is chain strap, but that's not going to work with that style of bag.

If you really like the bag, make sure you can remove the strap.
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I have a slightly larger but very similar bag with a shoulder strap and looking at it I think you could do it yourself if you could find a match. Mine goes from the front-most loop on one side to the rear loop on the other side. It's a belt-buckle style fastener so couldn't be simpler.
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