Great iPad Apps for Kids?
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iPad apps for kids? Especially for 4-10 year olds.

I found this askme about iPhone apps, but few of these have been optimized for the iPad. Though truthfully I haven't checked them all. I'm also hoping for games that might be a little more edifying, rather than things to keep the kids occupied. Sure, nothing wrong with fun, and I also want to hear about deliriously fun games, but I guess I'd prefer games that do more than improve a child's ability to aim and shoot.
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Have you check out the disney read-a-longs? They are pretty slick. Also, GodFinger?
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Dizzypad; sends my two-year old into hiccups and giggles within a minute. It's not educational, but it is fun.
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Try eliasMATCH and eliasTOURS.
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My four year old currently enjoys

- redfish4kids (although less content than the website)
- doodle buddy
- clicky sticky
- toy story read along
- animal hide & seek
- flower garden
- monkey preschool luchbox

We play together with:
- dizzy pad
- iron horse
- angry birds
- air hockey
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My niece (just about 5) really likes making toast for people with More Toast! When it is made, and you have seen the toast and admired it, she will politely ask if she can yum it up for you, and then poke it until it is all "eaten". It's great fun!
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The Lucky Dip is a website dedicated to reviewing the best kid friendly iPhone applications. They even break down the apps into sections such as "by age", "Creative play", "Featured", "Just for Fun", "Leaning" and "Quiet play".

It looks to be iPhone only at the moment but I'm sure that many of those apps will work just happily on the iPad.

It also wouldn't surprise me if they aren't already reviewing iPad apps - it's just that I've not looked close enough at the site.
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Round up article from Gizmodo a few weeks ago.
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