Keeping the kids happy while the adults chat
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What are some iPhone apps to amuse kids ages 4 - 8? I have the star wars "light saber" app and a mini piano app, and those have been big hits, but they are getting old now.
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Do you have Paper Toss? Totally mindless, but it amuses me, and I'm like a 6 year old.
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My 5 and 7 year old enjoy Cooking Mama enough that I might have to spring for the paid version.
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BubbleWrap. AtomicFart. PAC-MAN. Cradle. WhackGroundhog.
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My six year old loves poker dice (motion X Poker). She is the only kindergartner who knows what a full house is. "Daddy! I got jakes over queens!"
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Bubbles -- you use your finger to create bubbles on screen and then poke at them to pop!

Crazy disco -- a disco ball rotes on screen --shiny!
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My kids are 8 and just-about-7, and these are their favorites:

Doodle Kids
Finger Paint
ZooBorns (baby animals -- how can you miss?)
Dots Free (the classic connect-the-dots-to-make-squares game)
I Can Has Cheezburger (some of the jokes will go over kids' heads, of course)
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My friend wrote a pretty amusing iPhone app: Mustache. Kids seem to enjoy it :)
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Glowstick (free)
Parachute Panic (worth the $0.99, even for adults)
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Skee-Ball, ReMovem, Flood-It.
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Tower Bloxx
Memory Match
Giraffe's Matching Game
Doodle Kids
Monkey Flight
Suzy Dress Up
Tic Tac Toe
Toddler Teaser
Upsi Runner
Bug Squash
Air Hockey
Alien Choir
De Blob
Crazy Penguin Catapult
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My nieces (age 6 and 3) love the Koi Pond app.
They can add fish, delete fish, attract them by touching the screen, feel it vibrate as they "nibble" on their finger, add rain, add wind, go from daytime to night time, etc.
It's good for at least 15-20 minutes of peace and quiet for my brother and his wife.
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My 4.5 y.o. loves Pocket God (Please don't judge me too harshly).
He also enjoys Samp, but not as much.
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Free: Blowfish, Paper Toss, CatchaMouse,
Cheap: Doodle Jump, Bounce On, Mew Mew Tower
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Ooops, that should be Sampo, not 'Samp'.
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When I was developing the Secret Cat app, friends' younger kids liked to spend time playing around with the cat sounds, colors and background, and playing guess-my-combination. However, if having to listen to a cat meow, spit or purr for 20 minutes straight would drive you to drink, it's probably not a good choice.

Since I wrote it, I'm probably supposed to make my connection clear here: I would make 70 cents of your 99 cent investment.
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Grabimo (itunes link) is really cute. My 6 year old niece loves it.
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Doodle Buddy.
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Unblock Me.
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For something more interactive, check out what they're doing with The Hidden Park. Right now it only appears to work in a few locations (Portland, London, Tokyo), but I'm sure there's more than enough people who would vote for multiple parks in your area.
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Response by poster: Fantastic suggestions - every one. Thank you all.
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Ocarina or anything else from Smule.
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Bebot might be worth a look for kids at the higher end of the age spectrum. With the caveat that they might drive you crazy with the noise.
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