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Blogs And Forums About First Aid, Survival, Worst-Case-Scenario Etc... Etc...

I am a desk jockey researcher in desperate need of a hobby (or atleast a distraction). I don't know if "survival skills" is officially a hobby, but it is something that has always fascinated me. I think that getting out and doing something physical (as opposed to mental / intellectual) would be a perfect fit.

I am looking for online communities and blogs about survival skills, first aid, and the like. I am not so much interested in camping as "survival".

I am not looking for sites about guns, knives, self-defense, conspiracy theorists, Michigan militia, tea-partiers, etc....

I am considering this a hobby to get my head away from the computer, not a lifestyle.

Any help would be appreciated
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Jim Macdonald is a writer and an EMT in New Hampshire; he's done a series of posts on the blog Making Light about dealing with medical emergencies, wilderness survival, and the like. Entertaining, informative, and often a little gruesome.
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I've recommended these here before, but the five-part "Are YOU Ready for Disaster?" series over at Daily Kos is worth reading (make sure to read the comments, too).

And, although the CT/TP stuff is elsewhere on the site,'s Food and Garden and Survival Discussions are good on practical self-sufficiency and preparedness. You are going to run into some of the stuff you mention disliking, but have a look at the information anyway. Recent threads on beekeeping, canning and food storage might be of interest.
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Response by poster: Any good survival forums out there?
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Pick up Neil Strauss' Emergency, which is a novel about his experiences picking up a broad array of survival skills. Something in there will resonate with you, hopefully. He lists a ton of resources in the book and has a website to back it up. Just as a caution, he's a guy who imprints easily and can get excited about nearly anything, but he does do a good job of reporting the facts.
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You need to focus less on "survival skills" which will lead you to guns / knives / crazies and more on "wilderness skills" which will also lead you to guns / knives / crazies but also some more sane discussion.

If you are in California there is a great series of workshops put on by the forest service aimed primarily at hunters, but they would be useful to anyone. I am sure other states do similar things.
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Ignore that last link, looks like it changed.
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You can take free online courses in emergency (disaster) preparedness and response at FEMA:
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