Techniques of Standing Sex
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Techniques for Standing Sex

I have seen Hollywood movies show partners having sex while both are standing (against the wall). Is it easy to do , are some specific techniques required or it requires a specific male size ? Is it really that enjoyable ?
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It's not so much "male size" as both partners being similar in height/leg length, finding a workable angle, and being able to keep their balance. If one of you is short, stand on some yoga blocks!

Even if your anatomy lines up, it'll still likely be awkward. Try it for the novelty and finish on the floor.
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It works well if the penetrative partner can hold the other partner up, often with a wall against the held partner's back for support.

Otherwise, I've never found a combination of heights that worked for anything more than a couple of minutes, with the exception being a partner who was flexible enough to throw her straight leg over my shoulder. Additionally, I've found that as the penetrative partner, I can find it difficult to maintain the stability when closing into orgasm to really finish well.

So yes, it's possible, it's just an adventure. I guess that's sort of the point, though.
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Response by poster: when female partner is standing, is it possible to penetrate her sufficiently deep with an average penis size ?
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Inquisitive: how is anyone supposed to answer that on the Internet where we're all above average? XD

I've HEARD that for that situation te best bets are: woman's back to the man bent over and

man standing, hooks arms under woman's thighs and lifts her up and down. Requires a certain amount of arm strength but for a little while is totally awesome. So I've heard.
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Worked fine face to face for me, but he was a wrestler and we were both sixteen. In case you didn't know, when you're sixteen you can do anything . . .
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Response by poster: Does erection angle or penis size matter while doing standing sex? My erectic angle is below 90 degree .. around 70 degree towards the floor ..
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What everyone is trying to tell you here is that it's different for every person/pairs of people. You're on your own. You just gotta experiment at this point.
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Response by poster: Are there any exercises to take the erection angle upwards which is probably the most common and desirable ... currently its 15-20 degress below the perpendicular .
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i will give you this advice: avoid trying this in the shower the first time.
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when female partner is standing, is it possible to penetrate her sufficiently deep with an average penis size ?

You generally get full penetration (by virtue of gravity) if the penetrative partner is held, and you lose 1-2 inches if the two partners are standing. This is assuming both partners are relatively thin (as is my experience.)
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It sounds like you are more concerned with your own size than with the issue of your question. Why don't you just try it with a loving partner. If it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out
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Whoa 70 degrees, yikes. Good luck with that. <>
If you are overly concerned with the angle of your dangle and worth of your girth then you are just doing it wrong.

It's sex. Its fun. Try out things have fun. If it doesn't work, well you are still having sex, so who cares. Just keep going in a new position.
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That first line is little sarcasm tag was erased.
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Is it easy to do , are some specific techniques required or it requires a specific male size ? Is it really that enjoyable ?

1. Yes, it's not that tough to do but depends on how tall people are and how into trying it you are. I don't think it's most people's first choice for sex positions.
2. No specific technique is required, though it's useful if you can somehow hold your [female] partner somehow, maybe a little up, maybe lift a little
3. No specific male size is required. If you're really short or either of you has is really heavy you might need to get creative, but that's easy
4. ymmv, many people like it.

I figure if you're hellbent on standing you might be better off with a simpler "bend her over the furniture" position which is simpler and allows for more possible angles though less face-to-face. You know there are websites where you can look into this sort of thing. [link nsfw, many positions considered ridiculous by at least some people]
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one standing and one bending over a chair or table while ass fucking, is nice.
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I would venture that standing sex is friendlier than missionary to smaller-dongled men , because it allows easier maximum-depth penetration.

Having the woman bend over a sink, chair, tall bed, or table might make it easier for her to maintain the position.
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Standing sex works in a number of ways - her legs around your waist against a wall, one of her legs up, her legs spread with you doing a serious crouch, her bent over a table/chair/counter/nothing and holding on for dear life.

Try them all - you will probably find that they are best for the quickie THAT JUST WON'T WAIT.
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It's definitely easier if the man and woman are close to the same height or the man is shorter than the woman.

Tall men are overrated. :P
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