Best Background Check Website?
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Best background check site for small businesses?

We're hiring someone, and need to run a simple background check, preferably using social security # as identifier. We don't need every traffic ticket from 10 years ago, but would like flags on the big stuff (This person is wanted in 3 states, is a sex offender, etc). Please suggest sites you have had luck with.
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I've used e-renter once, and the people I checked out out with it did indeed turn out to be non-criminals that paid their rent on time. I don't have a way of knowing if it's the best, but I hope that data point helps.
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for sex offender stuff you can search yourself online
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i mean, you can do the searching, not that you can look yourself up on the database...
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My significant other works for a background screening company that often works with small businesses for stuff like this. Given the close relationship I have with the company, I wouldn't feel comfortable advertising for them here. However, if you want to send me a private message, I will give you contact information.
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Most services charge by county. The most expensive tend to be NY, CA and TX. Depending on where this person has lived and if you want to cover the standard 7 years, it may cost you upwards of $100.
My company uses HireRight. If you email me, I can send you the quote we received from them along with a few others when we were in the implementation process.

Before you decide on a service to use, you need to make it a policy (you can't do a background check on one person you hire then choose to not do it for others). You also need the right legal language depending on where you are located.
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