Song for Guitar and Piano?
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What songs could me and my friend play for a summer party? It needs to be for Piano and Guitar...Suggestions? :/

My friend is having a party over the Summer and he really wants as many musicians to play at the party. My friend plays guitar and I play piano. I've played piano for 8 years and I'm not sure how good he is. But he probably has a few years under his belt. The song(s) we play have to be something that a group of teens would want to listen to. So that basically gets rid of anything classical. I'm thinking something more modern. Neither of us can sing (i really with i could :/ ) Maybe we could get someone to sing for us. It all depends.

So I'm looking for as many suggestions as possible. With and Without vocals for piano and guitar. The guitar will most likely be electric. But I'm pretty sure acoustic will work too. If you can point me to sheet music. That would be wonderful.

Thanks :D
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"Yesterday" by the Beatles would be one good choice. You wouldn't necessarily have to sing to it. Your friend could play the guitar piece and you could play the voice melody on the piano.
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Summer breeze by Seals and Croft, fun!
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Don't Stop Believin'! No need to get a singer, everybody will sing along. Has awesome piano and guitar parts. No need to learn anything else, just play it over and over.
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Theme from a Summer Place.
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Oh wait, just reread your post and noted the teenage factor. Nevermind!
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It's not clear from your post if you want the kids to sing along, but if you do (and I think this will make for a great party) I absolutely agree with pazazygeek about Don't Stop Believin' - I helped chaperone a school dance last weekend and when the DJ played this song ALL the kids got on their feet and sang along - it was awesome! Another sing-along song made popular by Glee! and that works well with a guitar is Sweet Caroline. American Pie would be a blast. The Beatles are a great choice but I wouldn't go with Yesterday - too slow - consider something that has a clearly recognizable chorus such as When I'm 64 or Hey Jude. None of these songs are too modern - but they are classics in their own right.
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The best piano + guitar modern song I can think of is Brown Eyes by Lady Gaga. You would definitely need someone to sing it though, it would be pretty boring otherwise. Also, I'm not sure how you would arrange it for piano and guitar, but a live version of Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger by Daft Punk would be awesome, with or without robot vocals.
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This was posted on metafilter a while ago... but here are some that everyone would know... and be able to sing along to...
The TV Theme Medley
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