Well, this sucks a bit, but I'm wondering what it really means...
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When you were involuntarily recalled, what was the process? Did they tell you right away, or did they call you in from the IRR (individual ready reserve) for 'annual training' and then break it to you there? Marine Corps, if it helps.
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never served, so i can't be recalled, but i work for the d0d (mostly naval reserve) & just asked my boss who is retired navy. he was confused by the 'annual training' --said with irr you just have to muster so they can eyeball you & make sure your physical condition is still ok? (or something like that.)

anyway ... he says that they can, indeed, snag you at a.t., and will do so especially if you're a corpsman (?).

sorry i'm not more helpful but if you have specific questions, memail me & i'll pass them along. i work with a TON of retired military (mostly navy), and a couple people here are back from iraq after a recall (active reserve, if that makes a difference).

good luck.
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AT is what reservists and guardsmen do for a couple weeks every year in addition to their weekends. Muster is for the IRR. For the Army, that's a couple days with pay to see if they can keep track of everyone, more or less. And to give the hard sell to reenlist in the reserves, with the usual recruiter bullshit. A lot of people didn't show up, and in any case it didn't and hasn't led to mob orders for many people anyway. Don't know how it works for the Marines.

I was AD Army, enlisted, and I was involuntarily recalled last year. At that point it had been less than a year since I got out. They just sent mobilization orders in a nice big envelope to my parents' house (my home of record). There's the option of applying for a delay or exemption, or ignoring it altogether, but in the end I simply went.
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Response by poster: Good stuff. That sets my mind at ease a bit.

Now, if only this wasn't planned on a weekend when I was planning to fly to a conference...
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