I suppose that I could just use Safari, or something...
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On Firefox, youtube only gives me the message "An error has occurred, please try again later".

This started a while ago, but curiously enough embedded youtube videos would play fine, they would only not work if I was actually trying to view them on youtube proper. Lately, that too gives the same error.

However, the videos play fine on Safari, nary an error to be seen. The only suggestions that I've found online are to delete my youtube cookies, which has done not a whit of good.

I've updated to the latest flash player to try fix it that way, and that also hasn't helped. I am running Mac OS X 10.5.8.

Any ideas how to fix this?
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Totally random guesses, but based on experience of things like this:

1) Do you have the very latest Firefox? If not, install it.
2) Clear cache.
3) Restart the computer, if you haven't since this started.
4) Actually remove (get to the point where you see a "You need flash" message) and reinstall the Flash player. On Mac in particular, it can often get confused about knowing what version you have.
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Did you opt in YouTube's HTML5 version? I did and I get the same behaviour.
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As near as I can tell, I have the latest firefox (3.6.3), I've restarted both computer and browser (which clears the cache), and I've just reinstalled Flash player after having uninstalled it as completely as I can.

Still no go.

Also, neither with, nor without the HTML5 works.
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It probably wouldn't be helpful for me to say that you bought a mac, so you should just stick to the software they supplied you with. At some point Google, Firefox, and Apple will get past their codec wars and things will start to work again.

This thread indicates Chrome may work. Have you tried that?
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It's not that helpful, not, but it's not necessarily wrong. However, this is a recent thing (or relatively so): as stated in the question, it used to be fine, then it used to only work for embedded youtube videos (????) and now, nothing.

Perhaps I should give Chrome a try. I'm not really a huge fan of safari, and it is annoying to switch browsers just to watch the occasional linked video.
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That should read: "It's not that helpful, no..."

I'm not a seventh grader, I swear.
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This just happened to me as well. I am interested in a solution as well. Already tried the suggestions posted above but no result.
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This has also been happening to me today...
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You may have already tried this, but it's probably worth disabling any extensions you have installed and trying it. If that works, you can re-enable the extensions one by one until you find the one that's choking it.

Another possibility is to delete any cookie from Youtube.

If those fail, try to locate all of the Firefox pref files, delete them and Firefox itself (you may want to use a program like "app zapper" that roots out all of the related files scattered in various libraries), and re-install it cold.
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Well, as said in the question, I already tried deleting all youtube cookies to no avail.

Having now tried disabling every extension I have in firefox, still no luck.
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I had this problem with Firefox for the last few weeks, and suddenly today Youtube started working again. I did change some settings last night, and I suspect that's what did it:

- Cookies: next to "Keep until," switched from "ask me every time" to "they expire"
- Deleted all cookie exceptions

Maybe I was inadvertently blocking something necessary from youtube? Well, maybe it'll work for you too.
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Weird. This is all over mozilla forums, Yahoo! Answers, Google support, and whatnot -- and nothing seems to have nailed down the real problem. I went through several iterations of settings, including uninstalling and reinstalling Flash, but what worked for me was:
* Logging out of YouTube
* Remove YouTube.com cookies (in Options|Privacy|Show Cookies)
[actually it started working here]
* Log back into YouTube using my Google Account settings
[still works]

It may have been one specific cookie of the half dozen YT uses, but I didn't test it out that finely.
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Faugh, there had been a long-standing block to youtube cookies, I guess that I'd not noticed when I switched my cookie settings ages ago. Having removed that block, videos seem to work now.
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