*&^*!@* Sound Problems Again!
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Does anyone remember a downloadable bios patch to fix sound problems on an HP Pavillion PC? I need it!

I have an HP Pavillion PC a6123w running Vista and using a Realtek sound driver. I had some sound problems almost right after getting it (several years ago now) and after many attempts, I seem to remember finding a patch online that finally fixed the problem. I can't remember if it was on HP's website, or if it came from Realtek, but I'm thinking that it was a BIOS fix.

For the life of me, I sure can't find it now!

After I fixed the problem when back when, the sound has been fine (except for some random situations where it seemed to mute itself, but whatever). But my son clicked the annoy prompt to install system updates, and I'm pretty damn sure that's what caused the problem now: no sound.

I can plug in headphones to the front panel and get audio; I've tested my speakers on another device, so I know they're working; and the computer THINKS the sound is working perfectly. It most certainly isn't! I've tried doing a system restore to what I think was a point before the system updates were applied. Still no sound. I've tried restoring the Realtek sound driver; I've tried downloading the most recent Realtek sound driver; I've tried disabling/enabling the speakers; monkied around with the headphone jack (it does register when it's unplugged)—basically, I feel I've done everything at this point, including the suggestions in this HP post except #10. The reason I haven't tried that yet is because I know I didn't do that before and that there was a simple fix that I downloaded. If I can't find it, I will try the manual BIOS steps...

Does anyone know what I'm talking about and where I could still find it?
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Response by poster: I finally found an old email from HP support that had the original link. However, the link no longer had the download. I had suspected that it was removed because some of my searches seemed to reveal the download (the preview text described it), but when I went to the link, it wasn't there.

BUT, the email also suggested using the Recovery Manager to recover the driver. I couldn't see how this would be any different than the several revert/update/reinstall attempts I already made, but goddamn if it didn't work! Strangely enough, it seemed to do the trick so my sound is back in working condition.
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