Help me drop the bass.
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Looking for a more in-depth audio controller for XP.

Im running box-standard XP witha pair of Altec Lansing speakers with sub. The bass is savage with no means to adjust. Is there a more sophisticated audio controller I can download which might enable me to adjust bass output? If I am checking correctly the PC sound card is Intel 82801BA/BAM AC'97.
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I have the same card as you. If you go to Control Panel/ Sound Effect Manager, there is a tab with an equalizer there.
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Response by poster: I have more in -depth volume controls, but there is no graphic equalizer there, certainly no bass/treble controls.
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Upgrading the sound-card driver may give you more options. Best bet is to check for updated drivers from the system vendors website, or secondly for the exact motherboard model (it's printed on the surface of it).

However, research leads that that chipset was used on the D850MV intel motherboard, and this is the audio driver for it. Do a system restore checkpoint before installing though, just in case - many different boards used very similar chipsets, sometimes with radically different onboard sound (intel doesn't make their own sound chips, so board makers get them from realtek, adi soundmax, c-media etc etc) and this is merely my 'best guess' at the right audio driver.
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Response by poster: I know the sound board is pretty OEM standard. I'm just gonna leave it as is. Better to have loadsa bass than no bass. The glass is half full.
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